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Digital Touch Pad Locks

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Key features


The sleek new Schlage S-6000 digital touch pad door lock is more proof that Schlage doesn?t just keep up with trends, we lead them. The latest electronic lock in the Schlage product line, the S-6000 is packed full of features that give homeowners unparalleled control over access to their home.
Easy to program, the S-6000 provides up to 8 different user PIN codes. To operate the lock, you can use a PIN, fob or card which are all supplied with the device, and there is also a key for manual over-ride in case of an emergency.
The S-6000 also has additional safety features such as a built-in alarm which can sense forced entry, and an auto re-locking feature if the door is left unlocked for a period of time. The door can also be unlocked from the inside in an emergency such as a fire by rotating the lever from the inside, at any time.




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