Which is the Right ID card Printer for me?

Previously, we discussed why we need ID Card Printer.  Let’s discuss which the right printer for you.

We have various models and technologies of the printer in the market and choosing the right printer is important. Before choosing the ID Card Printer we have consider various aspects for the ID card you want to produce.

Without wasting any more time lets dig into choosing the right ID Card Printer.


Before we buy the printer it’s important we have the art work ready for the same. Artwork can be changed at any stage but it would compromise the ID card you want to produce. Is it single sided or double sided, Full color artwork, or with Black and white etc., Decide between the dye sublimation and reverse transfer printing technology.


Financial planning is obvious, be clear on the budget you plan to invest. A well-established Budget range can help in deciding the printer.


Now that we have artwork ready, Let look how many cards are we planning to produce, it may be weekly, monthly or yearly based calculation, if the quantity of cards to be produced is  more then, we need to look for robust engine which can produce a good quantity of cards without compromising the quality of printing.


Making your ID card secure. There are multiple technologies available in the market to make your card produced are secure and no copies or fraudulent cards are produced outside your premise.  Visual security features like Hologram lamination, Holokote watermark etc., are available.


If the ID card used for accessing the various areas then you might want to encode your card with necessary details, look for the printer which is capable of handling encoding may it be Magnetic Encoding or Contact less encoding.

You may want to include laminate your card after printing to increase the durability.

Check if the printer supports upgradeable option, which helps to adapt to new requirement later.

Generally, all the ID Card Printers come with USB connections, and you can opt for Ethernet connectivity if you need your printer to be operated from multiple systems.

 At last, each printer serves the purpose they are intended, printing the best quality. However, every printer has its own advantages over the other in one or other way. An ID Card Printer in a medium level business for printing ID card might not be right for company which wants to print a colorful loyalty card.  Similarly a Public sector which issues ID Cards want reliable printer which can issue good quality card quickly.

Smartworld, being the market leader in ID card printer industry for past 15 years want their customer to possess the simplest of industry leading technologies helping them with their business.

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