Visitor Management and COVID – 19

Covid -19 has caused a lot of changes in our everyday life. It has affected the complete work environment and still continuing so.

 Let’s take a moment and pledge to fight against it.

WEAR MASK while you are out, USE SANITIZERS often, AVOID PUBLIC gathering, STAY HOME, STAY SAFE.

Being said that, How do you prepare yourself to withstand this situation. Visitors/Guests are an inevitable part of most organizations and you need to keep track of visitors entering your premises and adhere to covid-19 protocols as instructed by the government too.

How do you minimize the contact between Visitors and your employee?

Card Exchange Visitor Management software is perfect for your requirement. It supports a contactless Check IN and Checks OUT, Create visitor Card issues to identify the visitor easily, Use scanner and cameras to capture the guest/Visitor Data/ Image.

Well, will discuss one by one how visitor management helps you.

  1. Minimize the point of contact
  2. With Scanners connected to the system avoid physical contact with guests, scan documents to populate the information on the visitor management.
  4. Print visitor badges with good design to differentiate a visitor in the premise.
  5. You can even use these cards to assign temporary access to doors.
  6. Contactless Check IN and Check OUT
  7. Use a barcode scan feature to mark check-in and check out of the pre-registered visitor.
  8. Pre-register the Guests
  9. You can pre-register the guest and manage the no of guests for the day.
  10. Report
  11. Know how many guests/visitors you had for the day
  12. Know each guest visit History
  13. Emergency evacuates reports for the guests.
  14. Manage visitor
  15. Block or unblock the guests/ visitor.

Is visitor Management necessary??

Precautions are better than cures. In the current situation, it is always important you are ready to counter the problems arising. Any physical material is a source of infection, and you can put an employee, in turn, an organization in jeopardy because you did not take a precaution to avoid infection.

By minimizing contact and maintaining the protocols we can surely avoid the situation. With many reports available you can easily pinpoint the visitor and check their visit history which can be used to track the infected person and take necessary measures to avoid further spread. 

Smartworld with more than 15 years of experience in the Identification market and ID CARD Printers have catered to many such requirements for multi-national companies and government entities.

With every member of the team, Fully vaccinated are ready to serve you with your needs and requirements related to visitor management. And can support in implantation in your premises with multiple lines of products suitable and necessary

Do you have a question to ask? , are you looking for visitor management software for you? Do you have any doubts related to visitor management? Do you need professional assistance with your thoughts and requirement? Contact +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email:

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