SmartWorld Computer in terms of secure Identity is not only a solution provider of ID card printers. As Identification solution experts we also providing consultancy and providing solutions in ID documents or travel documents data instant capture.

In the current condition due to global pandemic the demand of quick instant capture of person data through their IDs or national ID or any valid travel document is highly in demand. The data capture becomes a components utility to monitor and prevent the spread of the virus. In this topic we are about to discuss the solution in fast and efficient data capture.

When we say data capture from a document the thing that will flash in our mind is a scanner, yes a scanner that can immediately collect the person’s general information from your ID or passport. With the assist of its application package, in first validation data capture you can easily identify if the document is valid or not. Imagine from the initial stage of data validation stage not only you instantly capture the person data but also you had secured your environment for any attempts of document misleading or using the document in a wrong idea.

Imagine how the solution helps your daily works more easy and fast, if you have the facilities to collect information of the person like their full name, the document type & issuing country or authority, the birth date of the person and its age, the card validity and expiry date. In the same stage of data capture you will be able to generate the documents images, the auto cropped portrait photo from the document. Thanks to the innovative OCR technology and excellent scanning system of method, it is a big help the work process in simplifying and make faster the reading, saving the data processing.

The document scanner solution improves and optimizes all process of electronic data capture, results as an efficient solution for a variety of sector. Hotels and travels, the scanners speeds up quest check – in while ensure precise guest data for any instance in hotels or at cruise ships station or terminals. Rentals from any form of vehicle rentals or card dealer buying establishment, with its accurate data capture of person general information you can keep your property secure. Lawyers and Notaries, the solution accurately record the capture data of the person absolutely necessary for any law firms regulations. Commerce, if you desire to offer a personalized membership cards you can integrate the ID data capture to your ID card printer system. The information you collected can be used for customer’s service management propose. Care facilities, patient data in the medical centers can be quick and easily log in hospital system while the visitors as well. With the combination of the device and application you can immediately create visitors records and many more.

The scanning action can be configure as self – service and contactless features, this mode is a great help in the current condition it helps avoids physical contacts, maintain the physical distances protocol and helps prevent the spread. If you’re interested in this solution we will be more than happy to assist you on further details. Contact SmartWorld Computer. Dial +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: Will make it happen for you.

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