How can you protect your ID cards from daily wear and tear while preventing card tampering? Try lamination – these clear or holographic films protect your cards and give them a much longer lifespan compare to regular non-laminated cards. And with two styles to choose from, there’s a lamination option for every ID card application.

Over laminates vs. Adhesive Laminates

A traditional over laminate is added during the card printing process by the card printer. This features usual or standard in all direct to card printer model and in line laminator in selected retransfer models. An adhesive laminate is added by hand after the card is printed. While both add a layer of protection to the card, there are many reasons you would want to pick one or the other:

·        Lamination requires a printer upgrade, adding several hundred dollars to the cost of a printer – organizations on a tight budget may choose an adhesive laminate so it is up to your requirements if it is really mandatory to invest in an ID card printer with a line laminator.

·        Lamination is a hand’s off process – if you have hundreds or thousands of cards, the time you save by not manually placing the adhesive laminates on each card will be significant.

·        Adhesive laminate works with old cards – if you don’t want to reprint and reissue all of your cards, adhesive laminates can be applied to the cards you already have printed

Both adhesive laminates and overlaminates come in multiple styles, including clear and hologram for added visual card security. It may also available in patch laminate which is more durable for any rugged environment.

Over laminates

Over laminates are applied to your cards as part of the printing process. Lamination is a printer upgrade, and will increase the cost of your card printer. But because the printer laminates the cards, it is a faster and easier process compared to applying an adhesive laminate to the card yourself. Over laminates also protect your cards from daily wear and tear from scanning them, along with making it harder to tamper with a card.

Shop laminates films by type meant for our Prima 4 & 8 in line laminator:

·        Clear patch laminate 0.6mil                                        600 patches

·        Clear patch laminate 0.6mil with chip cutout          600 patches

·        Clear patch laminate 1.0mil                                        600 patches

·        Clear patch laminate 1.0mil with chip cutout          600 patches

·        Custom design holographic patch 0.6mil                 600 patches

·        Clear OVD film                                                               1000 overlays

·        OVD ‘snowflake’ design film                                       1000 overlays

Adhesive Laminates

Adhesive laminates are applied to the front (or back) of an ID card after it has been printed. This allows you to apply them to cards you’ve already issued to cardholders, instead of needing to take the time and resources to reprint all of your current cards. Adhesive laminates protect your cards from daily wear and tear from scanning them, along with making it harder to tamper with a card.

Choose from:

Clear 2 mil. Adhesive laminate

Heavy-duty clear 7mil. adhesive laminate

Heavy-duty 7mil. key and seal design adhesive laminate

Holographic eagle design adhesive laminate

Holographic keyhole design adhesive laminate

“Secure” holographic design in larger 500 pack adhesive laminate

Heavy-duty 7mil world design adhesive laminate

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