How ID card Printer System Protect Your Identity from Fraudulent Attacks

ID card Printer HOLOKOTE – Visual security watermark.

When creating an ID card, aspects such as color, design, and layout can sometimes take precedence over the most important element, security. Without a card security feature, anyone with access to any ID card printer could make a convincing copy of your card.

Fraudulence is an act of deceive by doing something dishonest and illegal. In some extreme cases, fraud can threaten the survival of the business itself by limiting the confidence of partners and clients have in it or by promoting mistrust inside the workplace.

Imagine that you have in house ID card printer which could produce a secure Identity cards for yourself and people. With your own card printer system you will have full control in personalizing your ID card components and details avoiding any attempts of ID card illegal copies. It will be safe and secure if we could establish an elevated protection for our assets in the event of Identity theft attacks.

What is Visual security watermark?

In our term we call it HOLOKOTE – visual security technology, is an image normally in a form of asset logo that is put in the surface of the ID card with transparency in order not to stand out in full colour. It gives more professional look in your ID cards in the other hand it serves as a protection in any act or attempt of fraud. It will also shows authenticity of the person or let us say card holder. Visual security can be an action of making life difficult for those wanting to utilize your branding logo for their own bad intentions.

The visual security watermark technology or HOLOKOTE can be integrated to your owned ID card printer. Where during the time of printing your ID card, the desired watermarking’s will be printed along with your ID card design in less than a minute instantly you will get your secure ID badges printed directly from your in house ID card printer.

HOLOKOTE – Watermark design, other people like it in big logo define in a specific area some like it as repeated small logo across the surface of the card. It depends on how would be the feature represent your desired logo. Watermarking’s usually stands out with fair ID designs. Visual security watermark not only serves as anti-replicating security it can also add as design element in your ID card template and elevate its value. The watermark might help your brand it is an important process when it comes to both the copyright protection and marketing of digital works.


If you are interested to use your logo as a HOLOKOTE – visual security features in your ID card and this technology to be integrated into your card printers please keep in touch with our ID card printer experts at SmartWorld Computer. Dial +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: We are more than happy to assist you!

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