The health or life of the ID card printers depends on how the user takes care of it. May the printer performance varies in a several factor like how many cards it needs to print in monthly or yearly basis, how often the printer has been used, how the end user initiate the service and maintenance in card printer, this will impact on how long it will last. This is the reason why ID card printer manufacturer will never forecast the average print over the printer lifetime as there is lot of reason affect its longevity.

ID card printer is just like a car, functional system used continuously with pressure needs a regular maintenance or either replacement. Generally we cannot say that in a particular miles the car has reached it will stop working, also the same in tour card printer we cannot predict that after a particular nos. of print, it can no longer be in use.

In general card printer manufacturer warranty their printers like for 2 or 3 years so you can get a warranty benefits with in the period. You have a choice before acquiring a card machine, you can decide to go for retransfer printer as this type of printer mostly manufacturer is covering a life time print head warranty compare to direct to card printer model its print head is like a consumable.


Here are some few tips and tricks to extend your ID card printer lifetime.

1. Give a proper training to the user which will going to use the card printer. Give a right education on how to deal the right procedure in setting up the printer preferences, how to change the dye film ribbons or printer supplies, how to manage card jams and other possible printing issues. The proper training will help avoid experiencing issue during the use of the card printer.

2. Operate your ID card printer in the right environment. Avoid such environment of extreme temperature, dusty, high humidity, and oily, greasy or wet environment. Ensure covering your card printer if not in use, this will help prevent for any foreign objects, particles that may contaminate the card printer.

3. Handling blank cards to use in the ID card printer, if possible do not hold the surface area, you can hold in the edge of the card. Doing so may leave or create some contamination in the card surface. This will result a poor quality of print. If necessary wear gloves to avoid contaminating the blank cards. Store your blank card in the box or keep it in input hopper may do. Don’t just leave it anywhere in your working environment. Note contaminated cards may also damage your card printer print head.

4. ID card printer is somehow sensitive for any vibration, make sure you set up in a working environment free from any continuous ground vibration. Card printer is composed of sensors sensitive on this. If you experience issue which cannot manageable by you, do not force anything that may create further damage to the machine. The better way is contact customersupport@smartworld.ae any available agent can advise or help resolved with your card printer problem.

5. Perform a regular cleaning to your card printer machine. Follow the manuals provided, it will guide you on the schedules and how often you should initiate a cleaning routine. Use only a cleaning kit specifically recommended for your ID machine. There is some cleaning kit not designed or not appropriate to your card printer, using incorrect cleaning kit may damage your card printer.

6. You can also procure a maintenance contract. We have a strong technical team that could take care your ID card printer to maintain its performance and quality. Taking care your card printer under the hands of experts helps maintaining its health, prolong its life post warranty.

THOUGHTS – If this articles make sense for you, contact our customer support team and discuss the support you need for your ID card printers. Our SmartWorld expert agent can offer a solution accordingly. Dial +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: enquiries@smartworld.ae. Assuring you our complete assistance.

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