There is a variety of PVC cards the can be use in your ID card printers. It depends on your project requirement which type of card you’re going to use. It is important to understand the card specification, size and its purpose. These are the types of cards:

Plain PVC cards – Made of polyvinyl chloride material, typically in white color. Blank PVC card is used when printing in house a fully personalized Identification.

The standard card size is in 85mm x 54mm or we call it as Standard CR80 card size. ID card printers are generally manufactured to use this type of card.

PET or Composite cards – Polyethylene terephthalate, plastic resin and from of polyester. PET cards are made up of a combination of PVC and polyester. This make the material high durable and heat resistance. This type of card used in re-transfer printer as the card composition can accommodate extreme heat compare to standard PVC cards.

Pre-printed cards – The card is factory manufactured with pre-personalized color design, it can be composed of security design like Guilloche Pattern Images, Ultra Violet image, Hologram or Laser Etched Holography, Thermochromatic ink printing, Etc. The pre-printed surface can be printed in any ID card printer for any instant card issuance like Bank debit/credit card, membership card & loyalty cards.  Pre-printed cards size can be customize as long as your printer support the card sizes. It is available in the sizes of: 54 x 85 mm, 54 x 109 mm, 54 x 140 mm, 88 x 124 mm & 88 x 140 mm.

Proximity cards – Also known as prox card or key card. This is the type of card is embedded with electronic chip which data is stored. The card can be read without inserting the card to reader, the reader device will usually beep or create a sound indicates that card has been recognized.  The card surface can be printed in ID card printer to serve as visual Identification of a car holder. This card applies in the segment of Hotels as guest room key card, Access control – to grant or restrict access badge holder in the building premises and many more.

Magnetic stripe cards – There is two types of magnetic stripe card, Hi Coercivity “HiCo” and Low Coercivity “LoCo”. Both can store the same amount of data, the difference is HiCo has more encoded data retention power compare to the other. Magnetic stripe cad is usually use as key card or access card. The card can also be printable of card holder details for identification purpose.

Contact or contactless smart cards – Commonly in a form of MIFARE card, equipped with contact or contactless technology. It comes with configurable memory features, electronic chip is divided in sector/block. Data encoding encryption method is more advance compare to proximity card and magnetic stripe card. Contact chip card needs to insert in a reader device in order to perform the data write/read process, the contactless type use a method of Near Field Communication data write/read process. This technology can be implemented into transport sector, Payments or any other High level of card issuance. The card can be printed in any card printers and serves its objective.

If you need assistance on which card suits to your requirements please contact SmartWorld Computer and speak with one of our ID experts. Dial +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: enquiries@smartworld.ae. Assuring you our complete assistance.

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