A company decided to go for ID cards and brought an ID card Printers and got a nice design suitable for their ID card and now they want to print. But wait, I have 100’s of employees and I have a different design for each department, should you rework the design for each ID card in each department??

Oh NO!!! It will be a nightmare if you have 1000s of records and a number of templates. And, this where Card Design Software available to ease your difficulty. One such solution is Card Exchange Producer.

Card Exchange Producer is a software application created by Netherlands-based company Card Exchange INC. It helps to create ID card Templates and connect to your database for records generation and print cards individually or in bulk.

Card Exchange Producer – Complete software to Design, connect, encode and Print your ID cards.


  1. Simple and Easy to Use – a simple and better user interface with shortcut buttons to print, take photo, design and connect.
  2. Connectivity to various databases – can be linked to any databases like, Excel, Access, SQLlite, MSSQL or Oracle.
  3. 1D and 2D Barcodes – Enabled with barcode generation capabilities. Can generate Barcode, QR code and other types of 2-D barcodes.
  4. Security – Secure login and feature restrictions, can create multiple logins with selective features to access the software.
  5. Manage your Printer – Supports managing your ID Card Printers without exiting from the software, connects to local or printer in your network.
  6. Secure Contactless Encoding – Can encode your data onto your card easily and securely.
  7. Additional Peripherals – additionally you can many modules like webcam or camera to capture photos, Scanner to read the business cards and fetch records, Signature pad and Biometric capture also possible.
  8. Help and Updates – Connect to help manual and software update with one click.

Having loaded with all the features every one might not be in need of all of them, to meet the all categories of the customers Card Exchange comes in Multiple Editions where the user can choose as per their requirement.

  • GO Edition – with Internal Database, Limited card Designs and data storage and 1D barcode.
  • Premium Edition – Connectivity to Excel and access Databases, 2D barcodes and Unlimited card designs and batch printing
  • Professional Edition – Supports Connectivity to SQL and Oracle, Signature pads.
  • Business Edition – Supports Mifare 1K/4K contactless encoding, Print server and Mulitple Clients support.
  • Enterprise Edition – Fully featured software, Supports ID scanner, Biometric scanner and signature pads, Mifare Encoding.
  • Business and Enterprise Editions are available in Network Edition (Master – Client) also.

And an easy upgrade option is available to all the lower editions at any time to enhance the software to meet your requirements.

Smartworld, being the market leader in ID card printer industry for past 15 years want their customer to have the best of industry leading technologies helping them with their business.

Do you have more questions about the software? Want to get the software for your organization? Do you want to know more about the Designer Software feature? Please contact 971 4 220 6464 or 971 4 261 2287 or emails us at

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