When should you upgrade your ID card printer?

Identification system provides security, regulation & order to the organization. It also simplifies public or private transactions, it is serves as valid proof of person identity. Technology innovates introducing new methods, wear and tear efficacy turns to be weak. Software, application continuously developing and improving… the tricky people or digital criminals grow, becomes knowledgeable.

For all that if your ID card system continuously operational and your company doesn’t allocate budget for the latest technology this year, how could you identify and put priority upgrading your ID system before it becomes out of operation?

Here are some signs that it is the right time for you to upgrade your old ID management system.

When the service and repairs is more costly than the price of replacing with new one. Mostly in old printers several areas need to be changed, from a low cost up to high cost spare parts. If your ID system service involves spare parts replacement you should expect higher repair charges especially if it is out of warranty.

Obsolete ID system can be more costly for your organization in terms of operation and time. SmartWorld team can always help you on such issue if repair would be better or funding with a new ID system.

When your ID system is impossible to rectify or repair. Keep in mind during your busiest time, imagine the essential areas of your ID card system is no longer working, or let us say the issuance of your ID cards suddenly obstructed. Can it be disastrous to your operation? Could it be affecting your employee’s and your organization security? Imagine your system widely open for any attempt of data terrorism? If so, and your ID card printer is out of warranty scope, it is time to find out if your existing ID system can keep in combat in the demand of this threats!

Also there is situation that most of ID system users experience that all manufacturers stop developing firmware and driver updates for discontinued ID card printers. When the same challenge happens to you it is time to upgrade your ID system. In every year ID card printers becomes more robust as well as the associated drivers. For the latest generation of card printer it is automatically update when available however it is also important that not only the firmware and drivers need to be updated, in some cases your ID system application will change.

When digital terrorist be able to break your system. Growing old technology can be liable on such threat. Now a day cheap devices scattered in the market, can be easily acquired. Any data from a standard access cards can be easily taken, duplicate to use breaking your security perimeter. Upgrading your old ID system produce stronger and more advance security for both digital data and physical.

Has your organization grown up and evolved over the years? Perhaps it is necessary for you to have on- premises security is far greater than it was when investing in your first ID card printer system. Ensure your ID data management and access control system inovates with you.​

Ready to upgrade your ID card system? There is no one – size – fits – all Identity solution. Imagine how it will creates resistance in your daily operation. At SmartWorld we help determining a perfect solution for you, which will bring peace of mind & confidence. Contact our experts, Dial +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: enquiries@smartworld.ae. Your Trusted Identification Partner.

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