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Pandemic has caused chaos around. As we move forward,  its time we return back to our work after long time.  We should move forward and return back to normal life. NEW NORMAL

With time behind we have lot to catchup and run. But pandemic on back and new variants in our front poses lot of challenges. With threat still around we are confusion as what to do?

Every government has come up with multiple guidelines and procedures to minimize the spread and curb the disease.  We saw vaccination drive, social distancing norms, Face mask use etc.,

We have been following these procedures lately and still are not sure on a way to move forward.

Vaccination Card, a simple solution put in across our table recently. Keeping specific industry in observation with potential to be expanded to multitude of Industries around.  A Simple card which depicts the status of the vaccination to a person to public or to a private closed group or an organization.

Education industry is the major industry affected during the Pandemic, with slowly returning to normal operations parents and children are in constant fear of the spread and unsure of the children sitting next to theirs.

With a Vaccination card, the parents and children are sure to be in safer place. And also it will encourage other to get vaccinated if they have not taken yet.

Why schools specifically? Well, we have all our vaccination certificates and PCR reports stored on our Phones and anytime its needed we can quick rundown the apps and produce it. With children’s and School premises where you have the limited mobile use and can not take with you the related documents in printing. Vaccination card small and compact card which can be placed along with the ID Card which student wear’s.

Vaccination card may not be seen as visible tag to not to adhere the procedure implemented around. But it is a way forward for parents and schools to make sure the children’s are safe and protected.

Vaccination card may include additional details such as contact details and emergency numbers to reach out and more. It will be easier to treat the student on emergency with details linked up.With more personalization like adding of parent details, PCR validity and etc. you can assure on the safety of one and all.

Magicard Printers, 100 NEO and 360 NEO ideally used in instant issuances and ID card printing, can help you with issuing the vaccination card for your students.

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