There are three variant models of the Magicard NEO Series – The Pronto NEO, The Enduro NEO & The 360 NEO. Let us understand the character of each printer and find out in which variety of sectors it is ideal.

The Pronto NEO – this printer model is a single-sided ID card printer with print technology of dye sublimation, edge to edge printing with four standard designs of holokote. This printer looks very simple and compact, ideal for less space front desk. It is a manual hand-feed for quick and efficient printing of ID cards at a time. If your ID card printing requirements are not that heavy then The Pronto NEO would be enough for you. The segment that could benefit from this solution is the Hotel front desk for instant visitor pass issuance, Instant issuance of membership card programs like in shopping malls, recreation, movies, and entertainment loyalty card program. The older model of this printer is Alto, Tempo, and Pronto STD.

The Enduro NEO – this printer can be single-sided and or dual-sided through its auto flipping mechanism. The print technology is dye sublimation, edge to edge printing and similar with Pronto NEO the four Standard Holokote design is built-in. It has an input hopper that can keep one hundred cards, output stacker, that holds up to twenty-five cards. The printer can be upgradable with a Smart encoder – contact or contactless. The older model version was Enduro STD, Enduro + and Enduro 3E. This ID card printers is ideal for printing school ID, Employee ID of middle size company, Exchange industry for an instant loyalty card program, Hotels, Care facilities Etc.

The 360 NEO – The professional among the two. The prints one hundred ninety cards per hour, dye sublimation, single or dual-sided, full color, edge to edge, heavy-duty and robust. Input card hopper capacity of one hundred cards – and the option of two hundred card hopper is available, out card stacker a hold up to seventy cards. This printer model is having a built-in ten standard holokote visual security designs. Holokote customization is available, integration implementation can be done online or onsite. The printer can be of both magnetic encoder and smart encoder – contact or contactless. The previous models of 360 NEO are Rio Pro STD followed by Rio Pro 360. This professional printer is ideal for bulk printing requirements like insurance card production, project integration, road and transport, huge-size companies, and government entities. Other variants are Rio Pro Secure which is helpful for the bank sector, Rio Pro 360 Xtended – the model that supports three different card sizes: CR80 85 x 54 MM, 109 x 54 MM & 140 x 54 MM. Its designs support unique card sizes in the purpose like in events and food labeling.

The NEO series is an improved print engine of previous models to satisfy our customer’s expectations and to qualify any of their requirements. If you need a printer that would exactly suit your needs, there is nothing to worry about – just contact SmartWorld Computer and speak with one of our agents. Dial +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: Assuring you our complete assistance.

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