The Importance of Blank PVC Card Quality

At SmartWorld we make our customer stronger and confidence by giving them education and consultancy about ID card printers. PVC card printing is the most practice in terms of printing badges or IDs which serves as person instant Identification when going to works, school events et. Producing ID cards has two parts, the technology of your ID card printers and the quality of consumables. In this discussion let us focus about the correct blank PVC cards that has to use in your ID card production. Hence the appropriate card materials is important to get a good quality, excellent result of and also it may help maintain the health of your ID card printer.

It is important to understand the blank plastic ID surfaces. Most of the problem in card printing that affects the quality of print out is the uneven card surface. Even the slight protuberance on card surface will cause poor quality print and this issue may result damage to your printer!

If you’re producing cards using direct – to – card printing technology, hence this print method the print head has direct contact with the blank PVC card surface. A small scratch or simple jolting collision can cause damage to the print head element or in its electronic mechanisms. Once the print head has scratches your ID card print out will having straight white line or lines in worst scenario, from edge to edge of the card. The print head will no longer useful in this case and hence the print head is one of the printer major spare parts of high cost or we consider it as the heart of the machine. The sublimation dye ink will not cover any bumps and blemishes in the card surface. This will affect the barcode or QrCode unreadable when printed in top of it, or even magnetic stripe will get affected as well.

You can save in buying low cost blank plastic cards however this may only totally damage the cost you invested in your expensive card printer, it will also extend cost in repairing and replacing high cost spare parts of your ID card printer. Our ID card is also representing our company and brand, any blemishes will ruin your nice ID card design and it will make your ID unprofessional.

The other issue concerning on low quality plastic card is its sizing. If the cards manufacturing did not meet to the highest standards, might there will be a bit difference in the card dimension. The size discrepancies will cause problem during printing. Difference in single millimeter will make the card stack in the print area or we call it “card jam”. It may also cause ribbon to tear due to card dimension difference. Continuous issue on card jam and ribbon tear will waste not only your money but also your time and… this will affect the efficiency of your work and business operation.

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