What is Event Badge? – Is a large format ID badges wear during a particular event like conference, summit, exhibitions, different type of sports occasions, Concerts & Entertainment, Etc. Oversized badges allow the security facility easily recognized the wearer in the events environment or security people can easily recognized the badge wearer in the distance.

Event badges is primarily consist of the attendee’s name, may also include their designation and organization name along with the event organizer logo. It is also serves as event participant entrance proceedings to a room or hall full of strangers or people from different domain.

Event badges helps you not to memorize all the names of the people whom you meet and interact with a conference in the first go. Having it formed with a lanyard or pinned in a jacket you don’t have to worry on the identity of newest acquaintance.

Event badges use as pass in event entrance, it helps attendee to spot event members if they are organizing staff or VIP. In this case color coding method is applied to categorize the card types. Tips: In designing of the event badge make it in minimal color only. A badge with multi – color will look confusing, it may affect attendee’s details out of focus. The purpose of oversize event badge is to give emphasis to the badge wearer details important information, without covering to the point badges fails to serves its main purpose.

Event Badge Ideas – It is at your hand whether your event badges will end up to trash or it will go home with the attendees. Badges can be in a form of PVC card, front side printed with person’s details and organization him/her presenting. Use a nice font that can easily recognized the person name, card design should be related to the occasion. Ensure the design components is not destructing the objective of the event badge. The back side of the badge can be utilized by including the program agenda, customizing it according to the type of pass they hold. Occasion map location can be added, this helps avoid buying extra materials to print maps pamphlets, schedules for the attendees. Ideally the badge should be in vertical layout rather than horizontal layout, depends on how it suits to the event.

Event Badge Onsite Issuance – The main thing you work on as attendee when reaching in your participating event is to locate the registration desk, and collect your badge. Hoping that there is no long que line in the desk and none of your details has been misspelled. Registration desk filled with bunch of alphabetically organized oversize ID card badges. Avoiding this hassles, an instant badge issuance system can be of solution. On attendees arrival scanner device will instantly capture the data, feed to the ID card system quickly cross verify the person details before printing. In a matter of second’s event badge issued with no error. Advantage of not having to reprint the badges which will also saves the badging materials.

Onsite badge printing via ID card printer system is the sure way to elevate the experience of your event joiners, also it adds value to their event experience. If you’re spending time creating your event badge design and looking out the tools that will improve your event badge issuance, contact SmartWorld Computer. Dial +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: We will make it easy for you.

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