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Payment terminals are increasingly popular, not only in a particular areas like ATMs, Vending machine, gas pump but also at airport, transport terminals, parking, pay bill at the table stations (fast food kiosk) and may other daily situations. Whether you’re at the vending machine, grabbing a snack or at the unattended kiosk paying for a parking ticket, at one point or another, you have interacted with a payment terminal and have likely enjoyed the swift checkout experience.

Many unique requirements apply to unattended payment terminals, such as security, durability, and reliability. Also, weather resistance, constraints involving electrical power, and infrequent maintenance are factors to consider when using these solutions in the outdoor environment.

Unattended terminals allows any business companies to remake their payment strategies while it also provide versatile way to accept payment in a situation such as transportation, parking, petrol, vending & retails.

An unattended self-service payment terminal is where the customer will activate the transaction. This means that the payment devices need to be securely enclosed and tamper proof for a secure self-service solution.

Here are the types of unattended payment solutions that can help grows business.

  • Parking –Parking business can benefit from the convenience of kiosks. In a typical garage or parking space, a cashier must manually process each driver’s entry and exit, which leads to long que and delays. Customer service suffers parking space experience poor turnover rates. When smart, unattended payment solutions in place, customers can pay for parking on their own. They can conveniently enter the parking area, receive the ticket and its rate information, can pay using their debit or credit card or mobile wallet, in the same not to interfere with their schedule.
  • Ticketing – In several years, unattended solutions have helped consumers avoid long que at cinema theaters and ticketing counters at subway/ railway stations. In most cases, buying tickets to a movie or a transportation service rarely requires a consultative experience, and this is where unattended solutions can add to the convenience and efficiency for customers as well as the business owner. Ticketing kiosks don’t require a lot of space, it can use multiple terminals to service many customers at once.
  • Vending –Consumers not need to carry cash like they used to years ago. Recent vending machines have developed and now can accept payment transactions over Magstripe, EMV and contactless (NFC). These solution allows consumer walk up to vending machine, order a product, pay securely with their debit/credit card and walk away with the merchandise in hand. Vending machines are very useful for small to medium size sellable items that don’t requires store representative.
  • Restaurant – Unattended solutions are mainly implemented for several restaurants and drive – thru environments. Allows customers to select, customized order on unattended, quick serving restaurants improved the overall consumer experience. The process of the payment is secure since they transact payment at kiosk rather than hand their card to the casher representative.

IDTech products provides simple and flexible designs of integration from single to multiple angle including EMV and application development. Are you looking versatile payment terminals for your unattended solution projects? Contact SmartWorld. Dial +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: We will make it easy for you!

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