Proud of Magicard Enduro

Previously, we did learn about Holokote, advantages and special features. Also we learned various types of cards that can be printed with ID Card Printers.

Today lets look into one of the Printer which Magicard is very proud of.


Around 2008, New wave of Printers were released from the Magicard and Model was Named as – “ENDURO”. A small Compact Card Printing Machine ,which runs on giving its user an immense experience of Card Printing.

As Name EnduroMeans, run a longer distance over challenging path. The Enduro series has still continued with Magicard since its inception. Many changes and adaptation of technologies were added along the way giving life to new generation of the Enduro Printers while keeping its Originality.TheEnduro Printers were then followed with Enduro +, Enduro 3E and Now with ENDURO NEO.

Along with Enduro Other model of the Printer were also introduced from Magicard. Rio Pro, 360 NEO and Ultima are the some of the other model of the Printers created to meet the need of the Market.

Lets look into what does Enduro offers?

Latest model in the Enduro series are ENDURO NEO PRINTER.ENDURO printers are designed to be utilized in low scale or medium scale printing capacity, with reliability, Durability.

ENDURO has following to offer.


  • Enduro Printers are in operation at Multiple outlets issuing insurance cards, ID cards Loyalty cards etc.,
  • Its trusted by many as trusted printer to Meet their needs.


  • Decade long used printers are example of how much enduro printers are durable. Enduro Printers with right maintenance can run for decade long printing service without any troubles.


  • Many of the Enduro Printers are deployed onto low scale industries, which are majorly located in the industrial area or environment with heavy contamination and dust. Amid of such environment Printer continues give out excellent Prints with Adequate precautions and running Procedure


  • Being Introduced as Low scale , compact machine , does not lack any security features. Magicard making sure with any printer from the Magicard Printer Security Features are inbuilt.
  • Go for secure holokote printing from Magicard Enduro Printers as well with 4 standard Holokotes to print with.


NEO Series of the Magicard are specifically brought to Middle East region to make sure the Printer meets the customer need as well as it is not hard on your budget.

ENDURO NEO, Comes fitted with robust Engine with latest updates to improve and enhance the printing quality. USB Connectivity to connect to your Computer or laptop and 4 standard holokote to choose with.

Smartworld, being the market leader in ID card printer industry for past 15 years want their customer to have the best of industry leading technologies helping them with their business.

Do you have question to ask? , are you looking for a suitable ID card Printers? want to know more about ENDURO NEO ? Please contact +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email:

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