Passport & Travel Document Scanner

What is a passport scanner? – Passport scanner device supports majority of the countries that follows the international standard. Other of the device model can able to scan ID cards, Resident or National ID Driving licenses and any other ID or travel related documents.

Uses & Features

In the present day passport scanner are designed for fast, reliable and quality operation for high – speed scanning in a wide range of settings including Companies & Business, International Hotel check-ins, Medical Testing Station & Vaccination Centers, Health Care, Police & Public Authorities, Rental Services, Travel & Freight.

A high – quality document scanner can be ready in a short period of time and takes not more than a second to scan a passport or ID. A quality scanner scans documents at 300 DPI or higher. This method ensure accurate and capture of data in places with high personal traffic such as Airports, Hotels, Security posts, etc. The device will have image enhancing and processing application and advance image processing technology.

In the use of latest passport scanner can be faster. It will help cut down the waiting periods at the reception counter. The scanned document will be transformed into a digitize black and white document in less than a second and color documents less 2 seconds. The button allow you in scanning the passport or document in a single touch. The device is connected via USB and powered in the same interface.

Key Benefits of a Passport Scanner

  • Passport scanner can able to read the document holder personal information including photograph during check-ins in Airport Terminals, Immigration, Hotels, etc. The document information then moved to a graphical interface for reviewing and verification of all entries
  • The device can capture all the required information in seconds. This can greatly reduce the que, check-in time and improve your personal traffic flow.
  • It also helps reducing any chances of human error. The latest models equipped a technology of precision OCR that ensure accurate client profile creation.
  • The advantage in using these scanners is that they help creating a paperless environment. It can mean more savings using a scanned images of document in instead of physical document.
  • Some of the passport scanner units are ultimately secure. Scanned information is stored within encrypted databases. Other organization can construct compliance and accessibility policy allows access and visibility to the personnel.

If you are looking for a compact data collection solution, the brand new DESKO ICON Scanner is your ideal device. Like any DESKO product, the ICON Scanner is exclusively made in Germany and manufactured according to the highest standards. With the ICON Scanner, DESKO offers a high – quality document scanning device that is based on more than a decade of field experience with worldwide installations. Its class leading scan technology, developed by DESKO, provides high – resolution and reflection free scans under white light and IR. The ICON Scanner therefore provides excellent images for OCR data collection. This highly reliable and professional tool ensures both, and ideal read result and a clear image capture.

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