Is used to recognize someone wearing the badge having a particular status. Especially in an event the person wearing an oversize badge stands out the crowd and security personnel can easily recognize it in a distance.

WHAT IS THE STANDARD ID CARD SIZE? – The standard ID card size is CR80 ISO 5.4 MM x 8.5 MM. This is the usual size use for Employee ID, Access cards, Membership card, Bank and Credit cards, Driver’s license, and many more!.


•             5.2 CM x 8.4 CM               CR79 PVC card size.

•             5.4 CM x 8.5 CM               Standard ISO CR80 PVC card size.

•             5.4 CM x 10.9 CM             Standard extended PVC cards size.

•             5.4 CM x 14 CM                Extra – extended PVC cards size.

•             98.5 CM x 67 CM              CR100 PVC cards size.

•             12.4 CM x 8.8 CM             XL card size.

•             14 CM x 8.8 CM                XXL card size.

ARE ALL VARIANTS CARD SIZES CAN BE USE AND PRINTED IN A SINGLE ID CARD PRINTER? – There would be a specific ID card printer meant for a specific card sizes. CR79 & CR80 cards can be use in a standard ID card printer which support the card sizes of 5.2 CM x 8.4 CM and 5.4 CM x 8.5 CM. There is no huge difference between CR79 & CR80 so both of them can be supported in one printer.

For oversize card sizes like Extended card, Extra – extended card, XL, XXL card the card printer can be supported these sizes only and never support standard card sizes. An oversize ID card printer is engineered to support unique card sizes.

IN WHICH AREA THUS THE OVERSIZE BADGE USED? – Special size identification card is another feature of security badges. Due to its custom design it will be difficult for fraud attempt to replicate the card sizes in an instance due to it is involved plans and preparation. The best application of oversize badges is in the sector of Events like sports, music, conference & summit, exhibition, product advertisement, in some instances it can be also used as a certificate cards, language tag, etc.

IS THE OVER-SIZE ID CARD PRINTER HAS A DIFFERENT PRINT METHOD? – The same as normal PVC ID card printers, oversize badge printers equipped with dye sublimation thermal technology printing. It could be as direct – to – card or reverse – transfer method which also means it is use a dye sublimation film ribbon in printing.

CAN DO ENCODING IN OVERSIZE CARDS? – Yes, we can do encoding into oversize cards like Mifare, UHF & NFC encoding since it can be manufactured from a card factory. On the other hand, magnetic encoding can be only possible in CR79 or CR80 size.

IS THERE ANY OTHER COLOR OF OVERSIZE CARDS ASIDE FROM WHITE? – Custom card color is available in all sizes in fact it can also be a preprinted, in some other cases it will be efficient using pre-printed cards than to print the whole card in-house. This is useful for organization with high volume printing requirements.

FROM WHERE I CAN GET IT? – Contact SmartWorld Computer and speak with one of our specialized agents about your requirement. Dial +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: enquiries@smartworld.ae. Assuring you our complete assistance!

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