KNOW THE FEATURES – It is important to know of what are the features there is in your ID card system. Know that the solution you are buying and investing should qualify your total expectation.


MAGICARD PRINTERS STANDARD FEATURES – The Magicard ID card printer standard features can be in single sided or dual sided print mode. The dual sided printing is configured via printer driver, the print data manage by the printing application and will be executed towards the printer hardware engine. The printer uses the printing technology of dye sublimation direct to card or reverse transfer method to give a nice quality of image print in plain PVC card surface.

The holokote visual security features is standard to all Magicard printer model from Pronto NEO, Enduro NEO, 360 NEO & Ultima. The advance security holokote – reflective UV effect is only available in Ultima. Customization of such security features will be available to both 360 NEO and Ultima. And hence! This printers is having 10 holokote digital slots which also means the mentioned printers can hold up to maximum of 10 holokote customization.

Standard connectivity of USB and Ethernet will always available in both 360 NEO and Ultima. Basic USB interface is standard in the mid-range Magciard NEO series. In some basic requirements cases printer advance features might not be applicable, an options that middle range printer model can easily qualify and gives economical cost.

Magicard printer display features, Pronto NEO is having multi-color LED indicating its action. Enduro NEO is having 2 liner LCD screen control panel with two toggle switch button to navigate device menu options and information. For 360 NEO uses 3 liner graphical LCD display control panel with 4 toggle buttons to navigate printer information and menu. While Ultima equipped the latest TFT LCD panel, Resistive touchscreen technology, it has a built in animated information to help and guide end user for further operation of the printer.


The Magicard printers also equipped the International Color Consortium or so cold ICC profile. This to ensure that the correct color data is fetched and processed. Which means the color component constructed in your design will be printed in closely 100 percent. Only in Magicard printers has the features for print color correction, this to make sure what you see in your application screen will be the same result in your hand.


Magicard product field upgrades or online upgrades are available, these are the options:

  • Enduro NEO STD single side to dual side – field or online upgrade.
  • Enduro NEO STD or DUO to Smart encoder contact or contactless – field upgrade.
  • 360 NEO STD single side to dual side – field or online upgrade.
  • 360 NEO STD or DUO to Smart encoder contact or contactless – field upgrade.
  • 360 NEO STD or DUO to custom Holokote – Online upgrade.
  • Ultima STD single side to dual side – online upgrade.
  • Ultima STD or DUO to smart encoder contact or contactless – field upgrade.
  • Ultima STD or DUO to magnetic encoder – field upgrade.

For more details and information in order to help you on our product features please contact your ID specialist at SmartWorld computer. Dial +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: Will help you out!


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