Introducing PrintanID

A new Card designing application to be provided exclusively with NEO family ID Card printers. PrintanID is Simple Card Designer, product of Magicard Ltd. Made to work with new generation of ID card printer with more ease.

PrintanID is web based software, where the application is accessible thru web browser. And software accessed thru login created during the initial setup. Feature enriched software is provided as a complementary with every new NEO Series of ID card printer.

Let’s look into features,

Like every designer software, you have encountered, PrintanID comes with template editor, database records, and print management and consolidated report.

Template Editor – Compared to many professional ID design software printanID provide well sophisticated template editor.  Comes with support for Adding text, Images and various shapes, Barcode and Magnetic encoding you can use built in backgrounds or user can import their own background images and Logo into the software.

Data storing – Uses inbuilt Database to save the records for printing and you can include any database records in your design for print.

Data Import – if you want to input large amount of data, yes it’s possible with a single click. You can import the record from your excel or csv file into the software.

Print Management – List out the All the print job sent to printer, and you can see the printer status and can manage the printer queue also.

USER creation- you can create multiple user login to access the software. Each user can be limited with access rights and selective access options.

Report Generation – Software produces different type of reports such as user activity, card count with print date and time. Record edits reports.

Advantages PrintanID

  1. Web based Software:  you can access the software thru any web browser.
  2. Access from any computer: Once the application is installed you can access the software from any of the computer in the same network with just an IP address.
  3. No additional Installation is needed for user on the different computer.


  1.  Exclusively available with NEO series ID card printers Software is available on purchase of NEO
  2. Does not support different database options.
  3. No support for Contact / Contactless encoding

Having said and discussed on the software advantages and disadvantages, who will it be beneficial?

PrintanID is best suited for small and medium scale companies which have low number of card printing requirements. Best suited for an organization where multiple user do the printing work and systems and ID card printer in single network. Best suited for a company with a less complex design and does not need encoding of the chipped cards.

And best suited for an organization which moves along with latest technology.

Smartworld and Magicard with more than 15 years of experience in Identification market and ID CARD Printers brings you with best technology in the world.

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