Instant card issuance is a procedure where financial – bank cards, credit, debit, prepaid or any payment in the method of card payment carrying Visa ® / Master Card ® / AMEX ® / JCB ® or a propriety logo is being issued and designed on demand and handed over to the customer in bank branches or at the locations such as retail stores.

It is also known as decentralized card issuance meaning, that the credit or debit card is being released to the customer and activated on the spot and then the card holder can immediately start using the card. For today’s market it is essential enabling financial organization acquiring new or existing customers up and running with their debit or credit card instantly.

Instant card issuance has been developed and obtain traction worldwide over the past decades. What was once seen as a good – to – have has become the standard. The recent day convenience and urgency are some of new normal. Cardholders are finding alternatives for the perfect balance of physical branches and digital services in their banking experience to match the convenience and choice they are used to in their daily routine.

Financial Institutions are now focusing on providing the best user experience for their cardholders. So getting them up and running quickly with a new payment card is vital in a world in which everyone wants everything now.

Take full control of your card issuance. Eliminates the barriers of delivery by post ensuring your cardholders would receive their card in fast and efficient. Never again make your customers to wait up to 10 weeks in receiving their card through traditional mail methods.

Instant card issuance solution also allows you to reduce the risk of card interception and fraud by placing the card in their hand immediately. It will also provide hassle – free and convenient issuance experience for your cardholders.

Key benefits of instant card issuance for the financial institution.

  • It will increase your cards in the market
  • It will grow card activation, utilization and business transaction rates.
  • It will expand customer acquisition & satisfaction.
  • This will remain top of the wallet.
  • Improve customer experience.
  • It will surpass customers’ expectations by lessened delivery cost & fraud potentials.
  • Enables customers to customized card.
  • Save operational cost by take the place of mailed cards with instantly issuing cards for new, replacement & stolen or lost cards.
  • Achieve customer’s expectation by creating a productive consumer experience.
  • Put up customers confidence with a secure card issuance method.

Key benefits of instant card issuance for the consumer.

  • Instant buying power to start trading right away.
  • Consumers can immediately issue cards in the event of lost or stolen.
  • A personalized connection with the branch personnel.
  • Reduced the likelihood of fraud from intercepted mails.
  • Prevent unauthorized card activations and usages.
  • Decrease the waiting period from days to minutes.

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