HOLOGRAM SECURITY – this features utilized a holographic stickers or done from ID card printer film overlays and in line laminator laminates film.

Holograms will appear differ when it is placed under the light and angled, it will give you a rainbow effect with a different level of authentication depends on how it was custom defined.

The purpose of Hologram is that, in order for the ID card examiner if it is real or fake by moving it back and forth.

Hologram that appears when there is dynamic movement in the ID card is genuine and the one remains flat and bright is not real.

The most common practice of adding holograms to ID cards is through the use of pre-printed holographic laminates.

This are lamination film that are used to applied in ID card surfaces by ID card printer in line laminators.

LASER – ETCHED HOLOGRAM, The method is done from preprinted card factory which means this features is not directly available in any ID card printers.

Equipped with Two – factor security authentication:

·        Level 1 Authentication or Primary Authentication – This allows the user to instantly verify the features.

When tilted at a tight viewing angle the security features switches from Primary view to the secondary view showing a very bright group of “custom defined details”.

·        Leve 2 Authentication – Additional Validation Components.

o   SG switch – Two channel switch

o   SG lens – Rotating lens effect

o   Tick tint – Pattern made of lots of micron symbols

o   SG twister – Group of small switching effects

o   SG 3D – Shapes with a 3D effect

o   Micro text 250µ to 150µ – Small text which can be seen at 25x magnification.

o   Micro error – A small covert change has been made to micro text to aid in authentication.

o   Reversal – Foil will not be applied in this area, a de-metalized effect.

The Laser – Etched security features requires authentication under the advance type of magnifying glass.

Implementation of such ID card security usually require in Federal level of badge accreditation.

THERMOCHROMATIC SECURITY PRINTING – same like Laser Etched, it is not directly available in any ID card printers, This directly added to your pre-printed cards.

Thermochromatic features can be in a custom logo, this will be printed in special ink.

Authenticating the feature if it is real or fake, when the Thermochromatic logo adopt a heat (can be done by rubbing the surface with your finger) it will disappear in a short period and later will completely re-appear.

This is nice in any quick and instant ID card security validation on-site.

ULTRA VIOLET PRINT SECURITY – This feature can be available directly in a selected ID card printer model or in pre-printed card production factory.

The method is, it will add extra layer of print in your ID card of any form of image using Ultra Violet dye film panel or Ink.

In finished product of ID card the UV image cannot be seen directly by a naked eye.

It requires the card to be lighted under the UV lamp or light in order for the image to appear.

This also ideal for any quick validation of IDs.

GUILLOCHE PATTERN – A geometrical design using two curved banned that interface and forming an image pattern around the card surface.

This method can be done in pre-printed card factory only, Guilloche designs can be easily recognized by naked eye however due to its colored pattern shifting will be difficult to copied or reproduced.

Protecting ID cards with any of the above visual security features stabilized a way to combat against counterfeiting attempts as this are incredibly difficult to copy.

If you need help acquiring any of our ID cards visual security technology, contact your ID expert at SmartWorld Computer.

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