Do you know that there is a different type of ID card printer print technology?

Choosing and understand the right ID card printer print technology is important before investing in it.

What is printing?

Printing is a process from a machine producing text and image, typically with ink on the surface of printing material, with the use of printing press, mechanical equipment, or device for applying pressure to an inked surface the image will be transferred into the plain face of the paper, cloth or mostly and flat-surfaced materials.

ID card printing – In the case of ID card printers, it is using the dye sublimation process. Dye sublimation is the process of vaporizing the ID card printer color dye film with a specific heat temperature from the Card printer print head and later the design defined from the Card printer application will appear or printed on the PVC card surface.
Dye film ribbon is usually composed as a colored panel ribbon each panel set formulated with YMCKO colors wherein a single set of panels will produce a single print of an image. Y=Yellow, M=Magenta, C=Cyan (this panel used to print the images) K=Black (where black text is printed from this panel) O=Overcoat (this serves as a transparent layer to protect the printed images from fading also serves as minimal laminates).

The ID card printer has two modes of printing, one is the Direct – to – card printing mode which is available in all directions to the card printer models and the other one is Reverse – transfer printing mode.

Direct – To – ID card Printing – is the mode of printing where the process is the print head release heat in specific temperature the sublimation process happens between the heating element and dye element while in contact with the plain PVC card surface and print image will be printed will a high-quality edge to edge printing.

This type of print method is ideal for a standard employee ID requirement meant for small and medium-size organizations like schools, hotels, small offices, money exchange instant membership card issuance, events, road, and transport facility access controls, etc.

Reverse – Transfer ID card printing or we call re-transfer printing is available for a high level of ID card desktop printers, like our Ultima and Prima8 ID card printer models. This Card printer model is using two types of printing ribbon – the color dye film ribbon (YMCK) and re-transfer film (clear film). The full sublimation process will happen between the Card printer print head and YMCK dye film, the printable image will be fully printed in a single panel re-transfer film in reverse and later the full printed image will be transferred to the plain PVC card surface over the edge with the result of Photo quality – high definition print out.

Reverse transfer ID card printers recommended in Heavy graphics ID card design printing typically in the sector of the high level of membership card issuance, Bankcard issuance, the huge size of companies, and Government sectors.


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