ID Card Designer

When you are issuing ID Cards, it is important how well you have designed your card, a color combination applied, font style used, background image everything matters. It should be similar on all ID cards printed.

Coming to design you have many advanced design application Like Adobe, GiMP, Canva, Autodesk, etc, and can produces amazing designs you dream of  and create as many designs you like. However, there will be lot of work involved when you want to create multiple ID cards.  You need to replace the photo change the contents for next details and print.

All those said it’s easy as long as you understand these software. How about your team? Is everyone are on the same level to make the ID cards? How to print card if your designer is off? How can you manage large number of records if you need to print large number if ID Cards?

ID Card Design software is solution. Card Designer is simple software, which helps you create a template for your ID card and this template can be easily edited for the records to be printed. It can be even linked to you database such as excel, access or other databases to fetch records and print.

Why Card Designer?

  • User friendly

It does not require you master the design software, easy to use and print the cards.

  • Hassle Free creation of card templates

Simple designer to create or edit the cards template, use image, text or shapes, add a background, create multiple designs templates. Can include a barcode or QR code on your designs

  •  Easy to use and print the cards

Select the record and print, no need to edit the records every time. Select the record you want and print it.

  • Databases Connectivity

Designer software can connect to various databases excel, access, SQL or Oracle and more with capabilities of editing data from the designer software.

  • Seamless Switch

Easily switch to various design templates created and print the cards, group your cards templates and manage the visibility of templates.

  • Encoding  and Peripherals

Card designer can also include various encoding methods magnetic, contact/Contactless cards, NFC etc, and you can connect cards scanner to populate data and connect a camera to capture the live photo for your card.

  • Authorization and Security

You can even secure the designer software with passwords, and create the Authorized user logins to access the software with full rights or selective rights.

Magicard and Smartworld come together to bring this range of ID CARD Printers to understand each and every organization’s needs and suggesting them with the right printers which boost their operation.

Smartworld, being the market leader in ID card printer industry for past 15 years want their customer to have the best of industry leading technologies helping them with their business.

Do you have more questions about the software? Want to get the software for your organization? Do you want to know more about the Designer Software feature? Please contact 971 4 220 6464 or 971 4 261 2287 or emails us at

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