ID Card Designer – Is It necessary?

In our previous blog we did look on the ID cards and we did run through the process of creating an ID cards and steps involved in it. Now let us see why ID card designer and how is it helpful in ID card production.

We have finalized on the ID cards design and now we want to print the ID cards, we have brought Good ID card printer and started the print job and produced a nice looking ID card also. What next??

Rework on the Design for new employee and save the design and go for printing. For one or two employees you can modify your design and do the print job. What if the number is more? Typically a small organization has from 50 to 100 employees and modifying the ID design to each and every employees takes lot of time and also needs dedicated person with expertise in the field to modify the design and print the card.

That’s where the Card designers help. Let look why is it necessary:

  • Eases the ID Card  template creation, Create as many templates as required for your organization and choose the template and print.
  • Connect/ map your database into ID card design template, directly link your database from an excel, SQL or any other type database to your template to add records to your design seamlessly.
  • Eases the printing work, for any new card printing just select the created template and print. No need modify your template every time a new employee joins.
  • Managing the Data and template is easier through designing software.
  •  Make the advanced template designs like, magnetic encoding and smartcard encoding (contact/ contactless) and more..
  • Further option like e-file saving , report generations, print report can be generated.
  •  Additional security features like login enabled software access and features restrictions.

Next generation of ID design software:

  1. Cloud Suite from Card Exchange
  2. Cloud Suite. A fully Equipped online software to manage your Data and ID print process with multiple stages of approval and login features.
  3. Login from any browsers,  Create as many as users ,
  4. Pay per user basis. Pay for what you use.
  5. Dedicated servers from Microsoft for data storage,
  6. Admin Center, create users and access rights
  7.  Control center, add and edit records,  approval process and reports.
  8.  Stand,  a digital ID card for mobile for end users
  9.  and Press for design and printing.
  • IDPrint from Magicard
  • Online tools to design and print your Id cards
  • Host into your local network.
  • Choose with Magicard Neo Printers.s

Smartworld, being the market leader in ID card printers industry for past 15 years want their customer to have the best of industry leading technologies helping them with their business.

Do you have more questions on the software? Want to get the software for your organization? Do you want to know more on Designer Software feature? Please contact 971 4 220 6464 or 971 4 261 2287 or emails us on

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