How to Choose an Oversized Event Badge Printer

From hosting a conferences to inviting your clients to a private golf outing, companies use events to get their brand seen and heard. Corporate events are a great tool to build unique relationships with customers while making a lasting impression on them. Benefits of tradeshows are multitude. Not only can you test new products at trade shows, but you get access to a large population of your ideal customers which results in a lower cost per sale. What is the common factor between all these different types of events? Your attendees, staff and sponsors will all need badges. And as the event planner, you will need an easy way to print these badges on demand.

EVENT BADGES / OVERSIZED CARDS are Identification cards printed on large format PVC cards. As the name suggests these kinds of badges are used most commonly in events, Summits, exhibitions, sports events and large gatherings. Plastic or PVC cards are more durable, meaning your attendees can keep them afterwards as a remembrance. They also project a more professional image. If you are putting on a notable or corporate event, consider PVC event badges. Another element to consider is the duration of your event. Will it last for several days or just a few hours? Events that last for days require a more substantial ID badge, something that won’t tear or disintegrate if it gets wet. PVC cards are durable enough that your event staff won’t need to reprint damaged ID cards unless someone loses theirs. These plastic cards also eliminate the need to purchase plastic holders to protect your paper name badges.

Why do we need a large format when we have Standard ID cards?

Firstly, the large area of the Card give more space to make the details to be printed Bigger and Bolder. Which enhances the visibility of the card details.

Secondly, eventBadges are usually given to organizers, crew and maintenance team who assist the visitor during the event. l. A reasonable card means one your security staff can easily read as an attendee walks through a checkpoint at a leisurely pace. If you want to avoid congestion at checkpoints, make your ID cards as secure as you can without security requiring attendees to stop to inspect their badges.

What Are the Oversized Card Sizes?

Any card size bigger than CR80 (86mm X 54mm) is considered as large cards. There are certain card sizes which are majorly used around in the events badge printing.

140mm is the maximum length of the Card Supported and width can be varied from 70 mm and up to 88mm. some of the standard oversized card sizes are :

  • 140mmX 88mm
  • 125mm X 88mm
  • 104mm X 75mm
  • 98mm X 67mm

Apart from these, there are certain Extended Cards which has same width as CR80 Cards (54mm) however comes with different lengths of 109mm, 125mm, and 140mm.

What are  Event cards made off?

Typical event credentials are printed on the Paper which is prone to damages due to moisture, physical damage and other accidents.  The event badges in discussion here are the printed on the PVC cards. Printcard which give more resistance to physical damage , wear and tear..

What type of Design can I print?

Event Badges generally hold the Name, position and event logo as major contents, apart from these a background to suit the event theme.  Further fields can be included such as a QR code/Barcode for digital access of Identity or contact details or an event website or a voucher for additional access.  Additional logo’s of the supporting sponsors and other major contributors and etc. Typically, an event badge can hold any content you want. However, care is needed to use right and needful info with good font which helps in identification.

Choosing the right cards for your printer – and your event – is critical. Each printer uses a specific type of cards. You can order blank cards or preprinted cards. Make sure to check the print area that your printer offers before making a decision. Ordering preprinted cards are good for events that are planned ahead and with comfortable timelines. It allows you to print the variable data in monochrome, which only takes a couple of seconds. Plus, preprinted cards offer a superior quality that is truly unmatched. In fact, just about anything you can imagine you need on an oversized event name badge, you can get preprinted. Another option to consider is getting cards with embedded technology. You can opt for technology cards such as RFID, MIFARE, UHF, or NFC cards. Make sure to send all your specs and requirements before proceeding. All cards are not created equal so do not hesitate to ask for samples.

On-demand onsite  printing on blank cards gives you the highest control of your event as well as your printing needs. For high profile events/events at shirt notice and requires a restricted level of confidentiality, on- demand card printing allows you the total freedom of printing your event badges at your convenience and  within confidentiality protocols.

So, Where I can print my badges?

An Event Badge Printer is a PVC card printer which supports oversized card and prints the details and issues out.  Smartworld brings you two models of the printers which help in printing an event badge. Choosing the right oversized ID card printers for your event can be a time-consuming process. Since each event is different, you may need a highly personalized solution. A reputable ID card expert like SmartWorld offers a wide array of technology options at the best price.

Magicard Rio Pro Extended

This is an extended card printer series which can print the extended cards 54mm X 109mm, 54mm X 125mm, and 54mm X 140mm. A  direct to card printer which along with extended card printing can take care of Standard CR80 card printing also. Dye sublimation technology is used to print on the cards.

Proud On-demand OverSized Card Printer

An excellent inkjet Event Card Printer for Extra large format cards prints up to 88mm X 140mm Cards, Typical card sizes which  can be used are 125mm X 88mm, 104mm X 75mm, and 100mm X 70mm. Uses inkjet printing technology followed by UVcuring to print on the card surface. Equipped with the high resolution UVinkjet printengine, accurate automatic card feeding system and wide range of array of encoding options to meet a broad range of applications for different environments.

Smartworld has up to 2 decades of expertise bringing identification solutions to meet the needs of the latest trends in the market with the same old Trust. You can reach our Team of ID Experts . For any enquiries please contact +971 4 220 6464 or +971 4 261 2287 or email us at

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