How OLD is your Printer?

Today we shall look into a interesting topic of Printer age. How old is your printer and what can be done and also how you can increase your printer life.

ID CARD PRINTER is an Electronic device with Mechanical parts and PCB boards. When each print is given all these mechanical parts move the card from Input hopper and runs it through the printhead and then ejects it out.

As the time passes and thousands of print later, these parts starts to deterate and losing its grip to hold in place that is when you experience the problem while printing cards.

So when will this problem start? Should you replace the printer? Is there any way to continue using it?

There is a saying “EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION, IT S WATING TO BE DISCOVERED”. Will go one by one question.

WHEN – When will my ID Card Printer stop working? This is very confusing question as nobody has been able to give definitive answer for these.  All the electronic devices theoretically, should run as long the power is given to them. But practically, only power does not determine it.

Various factors play vital role in determining the Printer run.

  • ENVIRONMENT, where the printer is used. A printer kept inside an office works longer than printer kept at site for entry pass issuance. Similarly if the printer is in industrial area, it is bound to cover up with lot of dust inside the printer affecting the printer operation.
  • PRINTING, though it might sound absurd if your printer is idle for long time that means the life of that printer is getting reduced. An active printer found to be running longer than the later.
  • CARE, a sound machine is a reason because of well maintenance. How you care about your printer also matters when you want to know about the printer age.

Having said this you decide the age of an ID CARD PRINTER. A well-maintained printer runs longer than other printers even at higher usage rates. And we have seen the practical case of printer being used for more than a decade with proper maintenance and also damaged printer replaced within a year purchase.

HOW – how you can extend your ID card printer life

Though we have discussed several times let me recap it, regular maintenance with correct cleaning kit, keeping your printer in a good environment to avoid dust, taking precautions with consumables used. These help you with prolonging the life of your printer.

WHAT – what to do in case if the printer has really reached its age. This is a classic case where age is determined by advanced technology, when a new technology is discovered the existing technology starts to aging.

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