How important is it for Certification Bodies to use Physical Certificates?

There are around 120 Accreditation Bodies (AB) worldwide. They ensure that certification bodies (CB) are following ISO standards and ‘accredit’ CBs.

Certification Bodies – Certification bodies are organizations providing assessment based around the chosen standard of a company. The certification body will give a certificate to the companies to show that such organization had followed once they have successfully reached the requirements set out in the standard.

Certification involves obtaining a certificate which is a commitment that the product meets a normative referential. Certification is based on the results of an assessment and on production of a certificate.

Only a certification body can perform official inspection on your company to verify your process, themselves are authorized by central body to make certain they maintain the fundamental of certification.

Some of the certification have a favorable recognizable brand which can be appealing when considering using the certification markings on certificate document. However some certification bodies functions in appropriate markets or have a particular characteristic with an industry. When choosing a certification body it can be with great deal to get information about customer’s reaction about their observation of certification bodies.

The Importance of Skilled Certificates – Approved certification program is not just about acquiring a piece of document or a special status after your name. A high value certifications provides importance that you obtain or maintain a high level of knowledge program and skill in your profession. Certifications provide advantage exhibiting that you are committed in mastering your skills and knowledge in your specialized field.

Having a certificate, you can illustrate that you obtain certain knowledge, skills and competences and demonstrate that you’ve meet a particular set of requirements standard. A certificate or certification is awarded consistently by an independent authority such as learning institute.

Illegitimate Certificates

A sample of 270 certificates published on websites was taken. (dd 2015)


8% has been issued by a non-recognized accreditation body. (recognized is an official term and means more or less certified)

3% has been issued by a non-accredited certification body

3% has been issued by a certification body that has lost its accreditation status.

for 2% the status was unclear (readability, no data found)

84% does deserve the highest confidence level (based on the current standards and audit practices)

Benefits of Physical Card Based Certificates – Card based certificates considered as the best solution in issuance of audit/training certificates. A certificates is having predefined validity period that comprises a start date and expiration date, typically certificate life time is one to 3 years depending on the fundamental of certification program. Card based certificate is more durable and flexible compare to a paper document, it can be extended depending on the renewal of the certificate.

With card based certificates you’ll find efficient print all the text, photographs and graphics particular to the certificate scheme. One more advantage of card based certificate is you can wear it in all environments, since it is in wallet size it is convenient to kept it with you anywhere, all the time.

How do ID Card Printers help achieve the objectives of Certifying Bodies? –

The ID card printer is the best option for easy card based certificate issuance. ID card printers provide extra benefits because it has the ability to print objects such as images, text and graphics in such way the card certificates can be issued in a high quality, durable compact size certificates. The card printers comes with software development kit and APIs that allows certification bodies’ easy integration in their certificate system application.

ID card printers can produce single certificate in seconds, and having capability of printing by batch with high speed it will avoid the waiting time and help the certifying bodies release the certificates on time.

Magicard Neo Series ID Card Printers #Holokote helps to prevent duplication/illegitimate issuance of certificates.


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