Have you thought about your ID card??

For long we have been talking on the Subject of ID card printers. What do they used for, how can you improve your ID security and what printer to choose and also we talked about how to make your printer run for a long time?

But In all of this commonly used term is ID card. Around the topics exists if you have any ID card. If you don’t have one, then??

That thought made me realize that we never did see what is ID card? Did we try to make one ID card?

A company with less than 10 employees to large multinational companies opting for ID card issued to its employees. It leads us next have you using one? Have you any time thought of having one?

If you don’t have one, Think Again , try to imagine yourself meeting  your customer or supplier having a ID card on you and feel you get out of having an ID card.

An ID card for viewer just looks like a simple plastic with photo something printed on that. For the one who wears it, it entirely different.

We discussed whether you have one or not, let go further. You choose to wear an ID card this now is the time to decide what you want on the ID card.  When you are creating an ID card you should look into the following.

  1. Alignment /SIZE

First thing for ID card, whether you want to print a portrait or Landscape mode design, either type is great. Choose which alignment you want to go with. And decide on the size of your ID, generally CR-80 is the most opted, in some cases higher sizes are used as per the requirement and necessity.

  • FACE

Now it’s time how many faces your ID card has, one or two, in other way, you want to single sided or double sided ID card. This helps in further designs as you decide on the contents.

  • THEME/Background

Choose the right theme, background for your Card, a Hotel can use its Hotel logo or a school can uses it building image or you can go plain backgrounds. White is most preferred as it enhances the letters or images on that.


You can put whatever details on the surface. But it is important to know beforehand what details you want to see on your ID card. More contents means, congested card surface, there will be lot of adjustments and corrections. And also you need more space to accommodate. List out the records to add images to be included etc.


With content ready, choose where to place each content inside your chosen ID size.


Then you need to choose what material you print your ID card on and what technology to use.

After thorough with the above, ID card is ready with you to wear.

SMARTWORLD being in ID card printers industry from past 15 years has helped many companies and individual with ID card design software and Printing.  If you wish to start your ID card, please contact us at +971 4 220 6464 or +971 4 261 2287 or email us at enquiries@smartworld.ae 

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