Happy New Year!!!!

We would formally wish you all a Very Happy New year  on behalf of SMARTWORLD.

May this year bring new opportunities into every organization and bring in the growth to everyone  both personally and professionally. We have thrived through the pandemic and now it’s the time to come out and achieve our goals.

The pandemic is here to stay , however  we are on the verge of conquering it. Still we need to follow the safety precautions and maintain social norms and stay healthy.

We crossed another year filled with lot of challenges. We faced pandemic and variants and restrictions and more. Its time we leave those hardships behind and welcome new year with whole heart and wish a fruitful year ahead.

With that note we ( Smartworld) are happy to welcome a new ID card Printer into our portfolio.

You might have already heard. 100 NEO  we proudly call it The Tiny Giant, from the designwise it looks compact and small but featureswise its packed with whole lot from Dual print speed to print quality and security to remote management.  This Tiny Giant can print a full color card in less than 18 seconds and can produce a high quality card too. With Ethernet stability and remote management options, it  gives the user  full power on the printing requirements and management.

Entering the New year, you will need new ID cards to be printed and Cards to be renewed  and new employees added to your organization. Its time you look into the condition of the printer and get it serviced.  And also you can think on upgrading your existing printer with new models which can enhance the printing quality of your ID cards and security.

Smartworld has multiple models of ID card printers which caters specific needs of individual organizations.  We have Magicard Ultima for HD quality ID card printing , 360 Neo for Bulk Industrial card printing needs. Various Access control accessories to meet the new standards of the Access control systems. From Simple Biometric devices to facial recognition systems with thermal scanning features.

Smartworld team has also expanded with new employees to cater our customer more efficiently and extend maximum support.  A new and experienced team added to efficiently understand and help our customers with their needs till after sales support. Our team will  always be there for your concerns and clarifications.

To know more of upcoming news on the products  and solutions in the coming weeks make sure to follow our channels on social media and visit our website.

Smartworld, being the market leader in ID card printer industry for past 17 years , we want our  customers to have the best of industry leading technologies helping them with their business.

Do you have more questions on the product? Want to get the right solution for your organization? Do you want to know more on the product and features? Please contact 971 4 220 6464 or 971 4 261 2287 or emails us on enquiries@smartworld.ae

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