FAKE ID what is it? How to Prevent?

Today lets talk about very important aspect of ID cards, Duplicity or Faking.

What to do you mean by faking or duplicity?

Any ID card which is not produced from authorized source can be considered as FAKE or DUPLICATE.

You copy the images of your ID card design and get it printed outside of your organization without proper approval, its FAKE, You use your ID card printer to print an ID without the approval then its FAKE. You print the ID card for your friend or closed one that too is FAKE Card.

Then comes the Duplicity, you use your card image to get the Card Printed from printing press or your own ID card Printers.

Well yeah what to do if I lost my ID card I get it printed from press for a new one, I want my family to use my card to enter the building, I duplicated my card. I keep losing this card so I got a copy created for usage. The list goes on to justify the reasons for why FAKE Cards are produced.

The reasons might look genuine however it is a threat to the Security of your organization, or residence or your system.

How can you prevent the FAKE CARDS?

When you have so much advanced technology to duplicate the card how can you prevent FAKE ID. A Fake ID Cards can be avoided by adding the Extra security features to your ID cards printed both from Hardware as well as from the Software side.

We can use the Secure Printers which comes with Physical Locking systems to avoid the unauthorized access to cards printed or to be printed. Use printer with Security Features like Hologram, Holokote, which are difficult to duplicate. Use security encoding to the card with Secure Key, Which detects authorized cards.


Magicard offers multiple securities features which help your ID cards to be more secure and Non Duplicable and help you fight the FAKE cards.

  1. SECURE PRINTERS – Magicard Rio Pro Secure comes with Physical locking Facilities to restrict access to Cards to be printed and printed cards.
  2. HOLOKOTE – A cost effective security feature available from basic printer in the family. And Additional option for Customization of Holokote make ID card printed more secure.
  3. ENCODERS – You can field upgrade your printer with Smart Card encoders to code your card with Security.

With features enriched Magicard printers you can rest assured on the Security of the Card printed and easily sort out the fake cards from the authentic ID cards.

If you are looking on the solution consultancy for your project, need assistance with Security feature? Or if you are looking for Card Personalization solutions,  If you want to know more about our Card Printers and security, or if you need clarification on the solution, Please contact +971 4 220 6464 or +971 4 261 2287 or you can reach us @ enquiries@smartworld.ae

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