Don’t allow your ID card printer hurt by expired printing ribbons and consumables

Keeping supplies of dye film ribbons, blank PVC cards and cleaning kits on hand helps you never stuck waiting numbers days for ordered materials arrive. But also keep in mind that supplies that been kept for very long time can hurt your ID card system. Do you know that ID card printer consumables has expiry?

How long you could keep ID card printer supplies?

Keeping supplies should not exceed for more than one year as recommended, while it may also vary by the manufacturer for its exact storing period. As the printer supplies been kept for a longer period well of course they get aged, dye film ribbons becomes weak. If this is the condition of the ribbon it will be more likely to rip or tear when used for printing. This will creates continuous error of printing ribbons will get stuck in the card or in the print roller, at the end of the day you card printer will get damage and you’re going to send this to service center for repair. Due to this you’ll be wasting money you invested.

Cleaning kits – cleaning cards, swabs & cloth are soak of alcohol in order to removed dust, any debris in your card printer print area but the cleaning solution will get dry when kept overtime.

What is the proper way of storing ID card printers & supplies?

Your card printer supplies should be guarded from a direct sunlight, high temperature, dust & moisture. The supplies should be store in their original packaging. The supplies should be in place humidity – controlled environment.

The blank PVC cards should also be taken with special care. When handling them during the printing or feeding it to your printer. Dirt and oil can result poor print out, hold the cards in the edge only not in the surface when feeding or loading to the card hopper. Cards that been kept for a long period then used to your card printer may damage the machine. May dust particles rest in the card surface when it is stored for a very long period of time and if also not in its original packaging.

If your ID card printer ribbons already out of its original packing and not in use, they should be kept in plastic container with an air tight cover. This method can prolong the ribbons life and you can use for the next printing of your ID cards.

Your ID card printers and materials operates best in a controlled temperature environment. Printers located in good air circulated environment prevent engine overheating and helps your supplies maintaining correct form. Don’t in place your printer and supplies near a heated temperature such us conveying air pipes, radiator, AC system. Avoid this areas that generates excessive dust particles or moisture.

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