DANALOCK is the series of SMARTLOCK from SALTO which are connected to your home locking system and can be operated from the Android or iOS application.

Danalock sits on the interior of the Door lock connecting to an existing locking mechanism which gives the flexibility of opening the lock in both Mechanical and Smart ways,


1) Application Access – Easy to use application available for both Android and iOS devices

2) Optional Cylinder – Can be mounted over your existing cylinder or replace with complete lock cylinder, supporting various models.

3) FLEXIBLE LOCKING – Use mechanical Key or Smart app to open the lock,

4) Auto Unlock – Set your lock to open automatically on your arrival. The lock detects your arrival thru mobile Bluetooth and GPS, open the door automatically.

5) Access Everywhere – With additional Module easily connect to your lock from anywhere in the world with mobile application.

6) User Authentication – Create user to access the application, you can create a temporary user, permanent user or one time access etc.,

7) Managing your credentials – Managing your credentials never been so easy with web login to manage your credentials and other logins

8) LOGS – Get the complete logs of who access the logs and what time.

9) SMART HOME CONNECTIVITY – Connect Danalock to your smart home system like Zigbee, Zwave PLUS, Apple Smart home Kit and etc.

Let’s dig in more into Features


You made a grocery shopping and came home, your hands are full of shopping bags. How can you open the door? Use smart unlock feature. The Danalock detects the user approaching with Bluetooth and GPS technologies and open the door automatically for you and re-locks back automatically after set period of time.


As mentioned Danalock sit on the interior side of your door and with its flexible operating mechanism you can rotate the lock manually from inside to open the door. Twist assist plays important role here, you just have to initiate the knob rotation, and Danalock will assist you in rotating the lock fully to open the door. This will be helpful when you have an elder person or person with disability or children assisting you with door open.


Danalock comes with Bluetooth module by default, but its available in various version supporting different smart home platforms and gateway systems like, Apple Home kit, Alarm.com, Smart things, Z-wave PLUS, and Zigbee.​


Danalock used AES-256 bit Encryption method to communicate between application and lock.


– DANABRIDGE, Connects your Danalock to home Wi-Fi which make it accessible from anywhere thru mobile app.

– DANAPAD , Keypad module to use PIN for operating the Danalock

– Universal Module, to connect to your parking garage door, lighting systems etc.,.


Potential usage of the DANALOCK comes at individual villas, apartments and any other households. It also has been used in a Corporate offices with individual access or restricted access also.

SMARTWORLD, Distributor of MAGICARD ID CARD PRINTERS, has joined hands with SALTO Danalock to bring latest technology more closer to its customer which can help them to ease their access related tensions.

Do you have any queries related to DANALOCK? Please contact +971 4 220 6464 or +971 4 261 2287, and also drop your queries on enquiries@smartworld.ae

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