Danalock – Convenient Smart lock for your home.

Everything is smart now, from your phone to household appliances has grown smart to meet the requirement of its consumers. One such area is Door Lock for your home, where in major number of houses still use mechanical locking system.
Danalock helps you convert your existing mechanical system to smart system. Small Communicative machine which is mounted on your door lock help you easily control your door lock with Digital key along with your mechanical key which you always use.


Danalock V3 is wireless smart lock that lets you easily control access to your home with smartphone.
So you can leave out the worry of forgotten keys or lost keys, you can easily use your smartphone to lock or unlock the door. Added with convenience to use your mechanical key whenever you wish to.
Create as many as digital keys for your Danalock to be used by your family, friends, guests or helpers such as housekeepers or contractors. Program each key with different access levels permanent or temporary and also see the logs who has accessed in the application.

Auto Unlock: Danalock offers unique feature where in it unlocks the door for you as you reach near to door. As an added convenience, you can configure the Danalock to re-lock the door after entering.
Twist Assist: Danalock offers motorized locking assist. In this feature, the Danalock will take over the locking or unlocking of the door after sensing the gentle push from the user for a few degrees.

Compatible: Danalock compatibility is global; with its country specific adapters you can mount the Danalock on any type of cylinders. It fits three most common types of cylinders. Oval scandi cylinders, drop shaped Euro cylinders, and US deadbolt locks.

Smart home Enabled: Interoperability is the cornerstone of all Danalock products. With its versatile and flexible platform can be used with wide range of smarthome systems. Danalock supports wide range of integration options for third Party applications.
Home Automation Protocols: By default, Danalock V3 comes with Bluetooth and in versions that supports Major smart home platforms and gateway systems; Apple Homekit, Alarm.com, Smarthings, Z-wave plus, and Zigbee.

Security: Danalock uses advanced encryption method for transferring data( AES 256). The communication between smartlock and smartphone is protected by the advanced TLS1.2. The digital keys used to authenticate the Danalock V3 are stored in HSM chip ensuring all the keys exchange happens without leaking any private data.

Design: With its simple Danish design, sleek and futuristic look, offers secure elegant door lock experience.

Practical Applications: Lock is best suited

  • for individual home owners who wish to control the access easily between family members and guests
  • for Property management company, who owns the multiple properties and want to allow guests to visit and look around the properties.
  • for hotel / rental companies, where you can define the access period for a guest to an property.
    For more queries and to know more on the Danalock, please contact +971 4 220 6464 or email us at enquiries@smartworld.ae

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