Clix – Manage your fleet of printers on your fingertips

Remote user interface, which helps you manage the Magicard 100 NEO printer settings via Web UI. Allows you to remotely access the printer settings via dedicated IP address.

Always wondered for a seamless way to manage your printer? With Introduction of Magicard 100 Neo ID card printer, we have new way to connect to printer and manage the printer settings from the comfort of your desk. 

Clix Remote management offers efficient way to connect and modify the printer settings remotely without the need a person to be physically present in front of the printer. Web based interface is connected thru an IP address from any potential computer, laptop or a tablet in the local network.

Clix offers vast technical support with modification of printer settings along with advanced diagnostic tools which helps support team to correct the printer error remotely and quickly.  


  • Web UI – web based user interface.  Reach out to printer page with an IP address. Check the status of the printer, dye film and access advanced settings
  • Print Preview – offers a live preview of print job sent to the printer and also supports a test print options.
  • Maintenance – Dedicated option to initiate the End-user maintenance on the printer. Cleaning of the printer roller can be initiated from the preferences page also.
  • Remote turnoff – Wake up, Restart and shutdown 100 NEO Printer remotely with a click.
  • Standby/Shutdown – Put the printer on standby or shutdown automatically during inactive hours to save/conserve energy.
  • Advanced settings – With clix we bring the features of advanced diagnostic tools which were available with diagnostic tools previously.  
    • Printer Credentials – serial number, firmware version, Dye film in use.
    • Ethernet credentials – IP Address, DHCP status,
    • Printer Statistics – Cards printed last maintenance.
    • Diagnostic tools – sensor status and check, SOAK test, Dye Film Calibration, Motor check etc.
    • Query- Generate consolidated printer query file.


  • Managing multiple ID card printers is made easy
  • Easy user interface helps in reaching the right setting faster.
  • Web interface helps the diagnostic easier as it does not need any driver or dedicated PC. Connect from  any potential device with web browser
  • Seamless connectivity between various platforms, windows or mac or any other OS.

Clix Management is supported on Magicard 100 Neo printer only but with coming days it will be extended to other ranges of Magicard ID card printers.

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