Access Control, ID card Printer, and Field upgrades

We have already been thru access control, why we need ID card printers and additional modules you can connect to Printer. Let us see how these all go hand in hand for any organization.

Any organization’s main concerns are related to security. May it be from Data of its operation to least who entered and exits?

Access control

– Secures/protects the organization from unauthorized access be in office premises or particular departments – Access Cards or Biometric or combination of both implemented for authorization of an employee or visitor.

– Continued usage of Access control, track down employee status for emergency situations, or proof of anti-trust scenarios.

– Smart world Supplies with various types of access control products like Electro-magnetic locks, smart locks, and other accessories and Access cards, proximity, Mi fare, or NFC.


– Prints the Identity cards for your employee or visitor.

– With a card designing application, you can design a nice ID card that depicts organization standards. And also with details of person holding it.

– With Holokote features make a secure ID card that can itself be used for security checks.

– Support for PVC prints enables it to print your ID cards on any access cards used in your access control.

Access control and ID card Printer give out the perfect solution to make your organization secure. With advanced access control features, you can program your access card with memory-based access cards (Mifare or DESFire cards) to hold the cardholder information to be used during the authentication. This puts up an additional task of programming your cards after printing the ID cards.

ID card Printer technology is advanced to house the encoders inside the printer which programs the card while printing the artwork. And with field upgrades, you are at an advantage to decide to upgrade the printer on demand.


All Magicard printers are capable of field upgrade modules.

1) Dual Side Upgrade

Convert your printer from a single sided to double sided printer

2) Contact/contactless Encoder Upgrade

Convert your ID card Printer to Smart card Printer to enable Card Encoding.

Magicard Printer supports Magnetic encoding also, but field upgrade modules are not available for this. Any requirements towards this to be ordered with printer purchase.

Card Exchange Producer, ID card design software, supports Magnetic and Contactless encoding. Can you easily link your access control database to fetch the data to be encoded and printed on your ID cards? With One Click you can encode the user data inside the card and print the ID card on the card and issue it instantly.

Smartworld and Magicard with more than 15 years of experience in the Identification market and ID Card Printers have catered to many such requirements for multi-national companies and government entities.

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