SmartWorld NextGen partners with i3 Technologies to offer audio-visual and interactive touch displays.

The product range offered includes: •Collaborated solution designed for interactive whiteboarding, videoconferencing, screen sharing and more. •It allows an individual to generate virtual presentation and manipulate screen-data using digital touchscreen inputs. •Multiple users can interact with the same content at the same time, making it easier to brainstorm ideas and collaborate in business or classroom.

The Hidden Connection: Increasing Employee Engagement With ID Card Management

Employers are continuously exploring ways to increase employee engagement and retention at work, even more so in the increasingly competitive corporate environment. Several strategies exist to raise employee engagement. However, ID card management should be more often addressed. We will look at how card-based ID management can improve workplace productivity and cohesion while boosting employee

Smart Unattended Payment Solutions – Plug it with ID Tech

Payment terminals are increasingly popular, not only in a particular areas like ATMs, Vending machine, gas pump but also at airport, transport terminals, parking, pay bill at the table stations (fast food kiosk) and may other daily situations. Whether you’re at the vending machine, grabbing a snack or at the unattended kiosk paying for a