Forgot the keys to your home?  yes, all of has been thru this situation at least once and made a resolution check your key before leaving and again forgot. Isn’t it nice have keyless system lock our door.

Manual door locking has been in practice from long time had grown consistently over the period adapting to new technologies and newer ways locking.  From a simple latch to more complex mechanism locking system has changed in the long run.

SMART LOCKS are the current trend in the Home locking systems. Easily unlock your door with Smart card or a Password or even with mobile app.

We have seen EM Locks placed on the entry and exit doors of our organization, and we are using them every day.  Can’t we install the same on our home doors?

Yeah, we can get them installed on our home doors also, But it needs additional accessories in order to operate like controller, exit buttons and brackets and powering it up. Isn’t it nice if this all feature was included in one machine with hassle free operation?

That’s where the Smart Locks fit in. Majorly all the Smart locks battery powered which makes the installation free of any cabling and routing. RFID reader or Key Pad is mounted over Door Handle. With attractive design and color it adds up beauty to your Door


Smart Lock Systems are designed work with Door Handle and Latch. Latch is connected to Cylinder which is operated with Handle and the built in Controller make sure the handle and cylinder are connected when authentication is right. To exit from inside the just use the handle.

  These smart locks are Battery operated, based on the model and design a 9V or a multiple 1.5V AA batteries are needed.

And Built in Card Reader or PIN pad or combination of Both is used to authenticate. Even you can choose to use biometrics also.

Pacing up with technology, Smart Locks are handled thru Mobile apps or a centralized Managing software.


Still many of our houses use the standard locking systems with mechanical keys.  SMART LOCKS will host on every door with advancing technologies you can command the operation with numerous ways.  Already you make your lock to operate remotely with mobile application connect it to smart home systems and assign guests to open door.

SMART LOCK is it suitable for me?

As mentioned earlier, these are suitable for all the places be it an corporate office, Hotel rooms, individual apartment,  an individual Villa or Mansion, and to a secure room.  Practically any room with door you can use the smart lock.

SMARTWORLD, along with ID Card Printers, is a recognized supplier for Access Control products in whole of Middle East.  Partnered with Major Smart Lock Manufacturer, Multiple models are offered from Smartworld

SMARTWORLD offers its consultancy with choosing the right lock for you with complete solution. For any of your doubts and assistance, Please contact +971 4 220 6464 /    +971 4 261 2287 or email us at

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