The general method to avoid ID card printers print head break down is performing regular cleaning routine and maintenance to your ID card printer machine. Especially to the printer which use the direct to card printing method. Knowing that this print technology mode, the printer print head is directly hardly contacting the PVC or plastic cards surface.

Imagine without applying a regular maintenance to your card printer, during printing a particles will be trap between the card and dye film, drag by the print head repeatedly during the print process, it will initially create a physical damage or scratches in the print head element. Physical scratch in the print head will give a result of a white straight line from edge to edge, of the card print out.

The damage will not only waste your time, effort, consumables – dye films and cards used in printing of your IDs. The print head is consider as the heart of your ID card printer where 30 % to 40 % the cost of the machine goes into this. Print head physical damage usually not covered by warranty so replacement will involve huge cost in repair. The issue will creates a results to halt your card issuance and may affect your business flow.

The regular care of your ID card printer is very important, following the preventive maintenance will maintain the printer performance, quality, extend the health, avoids any possible damage and makes your ID issuance efficient run smoothly. Classic example is – the ID card machine is like you own a car, without the regular service the vehicle may experience faulty and engine break down, the worse is accident. So we don’t allow this event to happen in following the regular service of the machine.

Maintenance can be done in many ways. Wrong procedure may cause chaos to your ID card system. We always suggest for any doubts or if you’re not sure in the steps our Technical support help line is always open and ready to assist. You can always contact this is a 24/7 help line monitored by active technical agent & experts, can respond to you immediately. We cannot afford hearing our customer’s struggles so, this flat form has been established in order to offer help and assistance timely. We ensure our customer is always assisted in any hurdles they may encountered in using our products. We are always happy to know our customers & partners issues has been resolved with our assistance.

Our helpdesk also offers technical consultancy, product education to our end users that will helps them understand further in using our supplied solution. Manuals and information is available to guide you in offline mode and for fast assistance we have the remote or online assistance scheme. Our agent is can assist you by electronic writings & phone calls.

Not only in this blog page will you get the information, we have social media platforms that offers quick and easy information about our offered solution. For any assistance and enquiry you can always contact SmartWorld Computer. Dial +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: We will help you for any support needed.

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