Why Police ID case? Most of us had seen many crime event  with a scene scenario of a police officer showing their badge when arriving at the crime scene declaring themselves as law enforcement. This is not just like what you see in a TV show or movies. Police officers have  to identify themselves thereby ensuring people their comfort and safety. For these reasons police ID badge or law enforcement badge holders are decisive for a quicker and secure iidentification , who are they, or are they authentic police officials.

ID badge is a mandatory element for police officers, security officers, or some uniformed government employees authorized for law enforcement. The ID badge helps public entities to easily and quickly recognize police officers and law enforcement officials. In the event of an individual involved in illegal copying of an officer ID card or badge and carrying a fake police ID is highly punishable by law. For law enforcement officers, it makes matters more much difficult while using police ID cards, why? Many of police badges are similar, duplicating this can be easy and simple to produce. If  each agency or department produces their own ID card design, the number of  offenders reproducing police ID can be reduced majorly.

What are the information to include on Police IDs? There are many ways of determining details on police ID cards and law enforcers. The specifications may vary as per officer’s assignment location and department. Here are some samples of police ID card information can also be applied on a law enforcement ID card.

  • The card holder – officer full name.
  • Clear and latest photo picture of the police officer.
  • The name of Government organization where they belong or the law enforcement agency name.
  • The IDs should be composed of a captures signature of the person – authorized official, hiring officer, a hiring officer or relevant.
  • Height, weight, eye color of the officer – this components should be mandatory.
  • The officer’s badge should include their thumb finger print, Identification barcode or with magnetic stripe encoded with a unique identifying data.
  • The date of issue or the date when the officer starts the job.
  • The date when the card issued to the officer.
  • A contact number that can be contacted in twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, incase to verify if the police ID card is authenticated.
  • The issuing state or country of the police ID.
  • The seal of the agency or state.

A visual security like holographic foiling, water marking – Holokote, UV and laminates, that can be embedded, applied in the surface of police ID adds security and sophisticated visual verification process. Visual security in law enforcement ID cards not only adding aesthetic value and security, it will also enhance the protection against any attempts of fraud. The printing and security can be applied and done over secure ID card printers.

ID card system for Law Enforcement Station.

The law enforcement focusing in one direction, to protect and serve. Dedicated time, resources applied unnecessary operations may destruct the mission. Instant card issuance solutions provide easy to use platform in making or producing ID cards in simple and secure manner. There will be no more hassles in printing IDs in – house. Get your solution in printing of your police officer’s ID card and law enforcement badges. Contact SmartWorld , Dial +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: enquiries@smartworld.ae We will make it easy for you!

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