Hello every one! In this topic we would like to introduce our new NEO family member. Yes! You heard it right! There is new NEO printer model, introducing the Magicard 100 NEO! The Smallest, Fastest, Best Quality ID card printers in its class. This super compact printer proves that best things comes from a small wrapped.

100 NEO – focusing on compact size & light weight, High speed & top quality, Built – in Security, Remote management & control, Low – support, Commitment to the environment.

Small size & light weight – designed in a tiny frame, small foot print (255 x 208 x 180 MM closed hoppers) (309 x 208 x 180 MM hopper extracted), weighing in 2.9 KGS only. Its compact size fits into large or small working environment like offices, school & hotel reception, exchange, malls loyalty or membership desk. While also ideal for those works at home.

High speed & top quality – this small but super ID card printer prints 23 seconds per card maintain high definition quality, delivering photo realistic colour production. 18 seconds standard colour with top quality edge – to – edge to guarantee a good print out result. And 5 seconds per card – monochrome printing.

Built – in Security

  • Digital Shredding™ – once printing data has been used for a print job over 100 NEO card printer, it is digitally fragmented and make it irrecoverable. This ensure the 100 NEO is not storing any sensitive data.
  • Anti – Fraud – The 100 NEO has in built HoloKote® designs that prints security water markings on every print. Each of the device is supplied 3 variants HoloKote® designs.
  • HoloPatch® – When printing in used of HoloPatch® cards, one area of the HoloKote® can be highlighted as a high visibility security seal.

100 NEO HoloKote® – the NEO 100 maybe small but comes equipped with security features associated with the very best printers. Magicard patented HoloKote® security can be printed across the card surface and makes your ID card difficult to be replicate. 3 HoloKote® designs pre-installed in each 100 NEO card printers.

Remote management & control – While the 100 NEO is simple and stand – alone card printer, the new Clix Remote User Interface common to all Magicard Direct to Card printers offers more advance management of all aspects of printers set – up, maintenance, diagnostic and operation if needed.

The users can monitor printer activity in remote, printer & consumables status in any web – enabled device which work in the same network and also benefits the devices proactive ordering system when film runs low or a cleaning kit is advised.

Commitment to the environment – The 100 NEO is designed – in recyclability, manufactured and packaged with over 75 percent recycled or recyclable material. Magicard continues its focus on the environment planting a tree for every printers that been sold.

Low – Support – Despite of 100 NEO advance features like all Magicard products, it has been designed to be low maintenance but built with the best quality materials in a world – class manufacturing facility. Therefor 100 NEO only required limited support, doesn’t required doctorate degree to use this printer.

Question? – If you wish to own one of this small and mighty 100 NEO kindly contact SmartWorld Computer. Dial +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: Our ID experts are always happy to make it happen for you!

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