Magicard ID Card Printer and Systems.

Everything you need for you Magicard ID card printer system and supplies.

Magicard ID card printers are designed for printing high quality, secure and professional ID cards. If you are interested in Magicard ID card printers, or just looking for the consumables you need for your current card printer model and system, we’ve gather up all information in one spot.


Magicard ID Card Printer and Systems.

ID cards have become a part of everyday life. Used for gaining access to buildings and facilities, verifying that individuals are who they say they are or simply being used to purchase goods or services, cards have become the ubiquitous global standard for identity.


The Magicard Models – Direct to Card.


·        PRONTO NEO – Incredibly easy to use with drop-in dye film and hand-fed card loading, the Pronto NEO includes the standard HoloKote® visual security system and can print color, monochrome or rewritable cards. Its plug-and-play setup and compact footprint are ideal for portability and lower volume card printing.

·        ENDURO NEO – Robust, durable and reliable, the Enduro NEO is perfect for schools, colleges and medium sized businesses. When it comes to secure and reliable ID card printing, you can trust the Enduro NEO to deliver.

·        360 NEO – The state-of-the art 360 NEO is a powerful way to create secure ID cards in high volumes. Each full color, single-sided card with HoloKote®, can be printed in under 23 seconds giving the 360 NEO the ability to print up to 156 cards per hour.

·        ULTIMA RETRANSFER CARD PRINTER – Powered by a high-grade processing unit with an impressive array of features, Ultima is ideal for the localized or centralized issue of high-volumes of secure smart cards.

ID Card System Consumables

·        PVC Blank Cards – Designed to work with Magicard ID card printers, these blank ID cards come in a variety of styles:

o   Standard white card

o   HiCo and LoCo magnetic stripes card

o   Adhesive single side card

o   Rewritable card

o   Smart card

ID Card Printer Dye Film Ribbon – To print, your ID card printer needs a ribbon – we provides a full range of styles and colors, so you can print any design on your cards.

o   Direct to Card Dye films 

§  300YMCKO – 5 panel color dye film  – YMCKO – 300 images

§  600KO – 2 panel black monochrome dye film + overcoat – 600 images

§  1000K – Black monochrome dye film  – 1000 images

§  HE1000YMCK – Ultima YMCK dye film – 1000 images

§  HE750YMCKK – Ultima YMCKK dye film – 750 images

§  HE750YMCKS – Ultima YMCKS secure holokote dye film – 750 images

§  HE1000RT – Ultima Retransfer fil – 1000 images

·        Magicard printer cleaning kit – You need to care for your ID card printers to keep it running smoothly. Cleaning kit contain everything you need to clean the printer.

o   CK1 – Pronto Neo cleaning kit – 10x cleaning cards & 1x pen

o   3633-0053 – Enduro Neo & 360 Neo cleaning kit – 10x cleaning cards & 1x pen

o   E9887 – Ultima cleaning kit – 10x cleaning cards, 10x pads, 10x swab


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