CLEANING YOUR ID CARD PRINTER – An Extremely Important Step You Cannot Skip.

 What is one thing you can do that will help your ID card printer run better, keep print quality up, and prevent expensive or time-consuming down time for your ID card system while you are waiting for the printer to be repaired?

Clean your ID card printer regularly!

Ignoring the important steps of cleaning your ID card printer can lead to long-term problems that can lead to repairs or replacements later on.
When you need to clean your ID card printer?
To keep your card printer working properly you need to clean the printer in every end or change of dye film ribbon. This steps can help prolonging the health and life your ID card printer, regular cleaning will also help maintaining its performance.
How do I clean my ID card printers? 
If you are owning one of our printer models there will be a several steps and easy procedures to follow. Example, in cleaning one of our direct – to – card ID card printer models you’ll have to follow this steps: Make ready your new cleaning kit and new color dye film ribbon. You’ll need your printer turn on and while connected to the computer.
  • Remove the cards input hopper from the printer.
  • Remove the existing cleaning roller and used dye film ribbon.
  • In your card printer control panel navigate the cleaning option using the menu button
  •  Select “ Clean rollers “ and press the “ OK “ button to execute the cleaning.
  • The printer will start rolling the rollers, open out the cleaning card from the sleeve and insert in the slot, rollers will spin in the cleaning card while the isopropyl spirit from the cleaning card helps remove the contamination from the rollers.
  • You will be ask to clean again so you’ll have option to do the cleaning for several cycles.
  • Used the cleaning pen to swab the print head element in order to remove the contamination that existing. 
  • Now that your printer is clean you can refit the new cleaning roller and new dye film ribbon, don’t forget the put back the card hopper with cards and now you can start printing again with awesome results.
  • Some of the cleaning guidelines for a specific printer model is available in our support portal visit:
What is the Cleaning Kit? 
A few minutes of printer maintenance can save your time and money down the line. There would be a correct and specific cleaning kit for your ID card printer. It is essential to use the correct cleaning card for your model of Magicard Printer. There are a few different cleaning cards available for specific models. The main difference is the length of the cleaning cards.
Contact your ID experts at SmartWorld Computer in order to get help knowing the right cleaning kit for your ID card printer model and also get assistance in doing so, Dial +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: Assuring you our complete assistance!



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