ID Card Printer, Maintenance

Are you listening to your ID Card Printer? Has it started to give more trouble than usual? Each card are stopped before printing? Quality of the printed card is reduced? Is the printer down for a long time?

If yes, the ID Card Printer is due for maintenance. 

MAINTENANCE might seem like big thing, but not so, Simple actions like turning off the devices when not in use, dusting the machine regularly, lubricating the rotating units etc., are all part and serve the purpose of maintenance.

Let’s see what is MAINTENANCE with ID card Printers?

An ID Card Printer takes a white blank Plastic card and prints a beautiful design over it with gives out Card ready to be used immediately. While this printing might seem simple, It involves several rotating units which makes the card to move through the printer, Moving mechanism to make the print a  couple of sensor to position the card and color to give the beautiful design you have chosen to print.

When you have so many mechanical parts and sensors involved, wear and tear is natural and obvious on the long run. If the necessary care has not been taken, it reduces the life of the printer and printer halts after a short run.

What do you need for Maintenance?


Magicard has brought a Simple Kit, which helps an end user to do the preventive maintenance on the printer. A Cleaning Kit consists of Printer Cleaning Cards, a Cleaning pen or Cleaning swabs and and Cleaning wipes.

Cleaning Cards – a quick dry alcohol quoted long sleeved card or an adhesive surfaced card, which runs thru the ID Card Printer picking up dust from the printer roller and inline sensors.

Cleaning Pen – A quicky dry alcohol based pen for direct to card printers, helps clean up the printer head surface and also the dye sensors.

Cleaning Swab – Long swab with quick dry solution for Reverse transfer printer to clean up print head and Dye and transfer film sensors.

Cleaning Wipes – Wipes with Alcohol based solution to clean the interior and exterior surface of re-transfer ID card printers.

How do you do the Maintenance?

Printer has a command to receive a cleaning card and once inserted surface of the rollers are made sure properly rubbed against and cleaned.

Based on the Model of the printers, each printer a maintenance procedure added in the Manuals of the ID card Printer. Magicard, being one of the leading manufacturers of ID Card Printers has manuals released along with printers. Other media like YouTube and Support website have exclusive guides on each printer on how to run maintenance/cleaning cycle.

What do you get out of Maintenance?

It is said “prevention is better than cure”, a preventive maintenance can

  • Increase life of your printer
  • Reduced repeated cost of printer service
  • Lower downtime, more productivity
  • Better Quality output always.

Do you want to know more about the maintenance? Want your team to learn the maintenance methods? Are you looking for printer maintenance? Please contact +971 4 261 2287 or +971 4 220 6464 or email:

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