Holokote is Watermark Printed on the ID cards with Magicard Printers, where you get to use the standard set of Holokotes immediately after buying it, And apart from this standard Holokote, Magicard ID card Printers offers customization of the Holokote, where customer chosen logo or artwork as Holokote to print on the cards.

In today’s blog lets go more into advantages and special features with retransfer Printer.

Advantages of HOLOKOTE


Holokote utilizes the same Set of panels used for printing the image on the card. In DTC ( Direct- To – Card) technology an Overlay Panel, used for Printing the Holokote. While in Retransfer Printer ( Magicard Ultima) Secure Panel in the Dye Film is used for the same.


With Printer, you are given with Standard set of Holokote. which can be utilized from the first print.


Easily manage the HOLOKOTE to be printed in the Printer driver settings, Enable or disable Holokote Printing.

And also select which Holokote to print out of available standard or custom holokote


As explained previously, add multiple custom holokote to Printer.

  • DIRECT from Magicard.

Directly order your holokote with Magicard.  And all the custom Holokote for your printer are available online to download.


Special Feature of Holokote, with retransfer printer. As explained in the next section


Holokote printed are not visible on the line of sight directly. However, on tilting the card certain angle the printed holokote will be visible. With the Retransfer printer, the Holokote adds up an additional effect.

UV Effect on HOLOKOTE – When you hold your ID Card Printed on retransfer printer under UV light, the Holokote shines under the UV light. This is a special feature achieved on Magicard Ultima Printers only. And it can be used as a security check to verify your ID Card in case of low light or nighttime. An important aspect of the Holokote is the SECURITY of the card printed, with UV effect and customization security level will definitely increase as these features cannot be duplicated or forged.

With Magicard Secure verification methods you can be assured of the Holokote Duplication and misuse. And also, Online Holokote availability is restricted to the particular printer and it cannot be used on the different printers of the same model or the different model.

Smartworld, being the market leader in ID card printer industry for past 15 years want their customer to have the best of industry-leading technologies helping them with their business. Has completed a successful implementation of Multiple projects with HOLOKOTE technologies all around UAE. Do you have more questions about the software? Want to get the software for your organization? Do you want to know more about the Designer Software feature? Please contact 971 4 220 6464 or 971 4 261 2287 or emails us at enquiries@smartworld.ae

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