We have already mentioned the holokote several times over our previous security blogs, However, we wish to put more light on the HOLOKOTE and its features.

When you hear about holokote, all remember the Holograms which you can see on your National ID or Drivers licenses.  But, holokote technology is completely different than Hologram.

Before we dig into Holokote, let us understand Hologram,

In the case of Hologram printing, the ID card Printer is hooked up with a lamination unit which contains a lamination roll with a Hologram design printed over it and After the card is printed these Holograms are laminated onto it.

While Holokote Works complete differently. This does not need any additional Laminator and printed rolls Instead during the card image printing the Holokote is also printed onto the card.

Knowing how the Holokote prints let’s look at what a Holokote is?

HOLOKOTE is a watermark printed on the ID card. A Secure symbol or an organization logo or set of patterned letters or a predefined design can be used as Holokote. Holokote on the direct line of sight might not be visible, but visible on holding it different view angle to the light or by tilting the card.

Holokote, patented by Magicard, Technology is an inbuilt feature of all the Magicard Printers. From the direct to card Printers to Retransfer Printers Holokote available on the entire ID card Printers.

Direct to Card Printers, Pronto Series, Neo Series has a standard set of 3 to 4 Holokote, whereas the Rio Pro-Family and Retransfer Printer has a total of 10 sets of Holokote patterns inbuilt when you purchase an ID card printer.

Basic Holokote has a SECURE Eye logo, Patterns neo or secure letters as a Holokote, additionally, patterns of Visitor or staff lettered patterns and Full image Holokote are available on the Retransfer Printer and Higher Model of Neo Series.

In direct to card printer, you can choose to print the holokote over selected tiles or complete surface. And higher model of Neo series and Retransfer Printer offers customization of your Holokote.


Customization of holokote might interest you more. Standard holokote are available on all the Magicard Printers how you can make your Card printed unique and secure. Well, you can use your company or organization logo as Holokote or you can create your desired design as a holokote for your cards.

Customizations of Holokote are directly done by the manufacturing team of Magicard with secure verification for duplicity and forgery. And all the customized holokote are bonded with each ID card Printer to avoid misuse of the Holokote and secure the holokote from forgery card printing.

Additionally, Magicard Provides a simple way for the process and generated Custom Holokote are available to be updated online thru the printer preferences page.

We shall look into the Advantages of Holokote and the Special features it offers with retransfer printers on the next blog.

Smartworld, being the market leader in ID card printer industry for past 15 years want their customer to have the best of industry-leading technologies helping them with their business.

Do you have a question to ask? , are you looking for a suitable ID card Printer? want to get holokote for your printer? please contact +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email: enquiries@smartworld.ae.

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