FAKE ID – Software Solution

Previously, we had seen How Magicard ID card Printers can help your organization on preventing the FAKE ID cards or duplicate ID card. ID card printers print an invisible watermark, Holokote, on to the card which cannot be duplicated, even with another Magicard Printer.

  As this Holokote preparation goes thru multiple tier of security check from Manufacturer, mere similar or copy of the existing holokote requests are straight away rejected.

Any How we are equipped with right Printer and security Holokote, Is there any other way FAKE ID can be around.

After the Hardware, Next big threat come with Software/ Computer where the Printer is connected and ID cards are printed,  and Duplicate print from Authentic source without approval…….

Card Exchange with Magicard ID card Printers Offers solution for this both in standalone mode as well as Cloud suite mode.


Card Exchange Producer, is ID design software where you can design your card as well as connect it your Database to print the ID cards.

Card Exchange Offers a Authentication Login feature, whereby you create different login to handle the ID card print Process.  User login are created to use specific feature of the software or Full rights to use every feature in the application. One user can have access to print job only, one user can access to add the design or edit the design and another user to monitor the whole process.

This will help in making the ID card production a systematic and secure process.  And also you can list the report for no of card printed and with storage items, you can even log the date the card printed as well as the count number of times a card is printed. Additionally, filter condition can be applied to restrict the duplicate print.


Card Exchange Cloud Suite, An ID card Management software, Help you manage the data for Card printing online. Cloud suite give a convenient way of handling the data to save safely and grants access to authentic person only.

Cloud suite equipped with Data management, Approval levels, Rejection handling, Print Process, digital ID and Lastly, card print reports all at your fingertips and access anywhere in the world.

Data Management, you add the Card credentials for the ID card printing, next approval levels, unless approved record won’t be processed for printing, we can set multiple levels of approvals. 

Printing, all the approved credentials are available at the Card Exchange Press for printing. As per the rule set from admin center, only records allowed for that user will be available. Also has the option to set the filters and levels like in desktop applications.

Lastly, Card Exchange Stand, an innovative idea to provide Digital ID card with active status indicator. An alternative to your physical ID card via mobile /tablet applications.

 Magicard and Card Exchange together bring these solutions to make sure organizations are safe from fraudulent activities with ID cards.

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