Visitor Management- What is it?

How do I keep track of the visitor coming to my office? How do I know status of the visitors in emergency? Are you still using old school technique to log your visitors?

With Growing organization need has risen to monitor the visitor entering their premises. Many still use same old methods using log book and writing down details. But the work has increased the need to collect more info for which log books are not enough.

Organization hosts multiple events and there are lot of invitees involved, it will be chaos if there non invited visitors or restricted visitors. It is important to know the status of visitor inside the organization at times of emergency to ensure their safety.

Card Exchange Inc. has brought visitor management software which cater to these requirements of monitoring the visitors, events and prepare handy reports of the visitor status and history for emergency and needs.




Add, delete, and edit the visitor details like name, organization, id number, address, contact details, and many more fields also. Pre-registration and Incidental visits marking.


Create and print Visitor badges. Support creation of visitor badge templates and print on connected printers. Barcode can be generated to be used to mark check in and check out. Issue badges with expiration


No need to take a photocopy of the IDCARD, simply connect the scanner to computer and copy of id can be saved on the system. You can scan ID to automatically fill the details.


You can add the visitor list prior to the arrival, easy to register with excel import option


Check the status of the visitor, screen for blocked visitors, check in and check out marking for visitors, keeping track of visitor entry and exit timings,


Create multiple events and manage invitees to each events separately, list events for visitor check In etc,


You can generate various type of reports such as in out report, Evacuation report, visitor history and event wise reports.

Card Exchange Visitor Management software available in 3 Editions:

  1. Enter Edition

 –Entry edition, Supports Basic Visitor management with Evacuation report.

  • Standard Edition

 – Supports Managing events and more reports, Connectivity to ID scanners and Auto check-In and checkout with ID Scan, record search, visitor groups and preregistrations

  • Business Edition

 – Network licensing capabilities, advanced security features with third party database check ( like criminal records), manage lobby , Email notification for visitor check-in and reports. Fingerprint search option, more reports and SQL database integration and more.

– Client and kiosk client options available. Self-check-in and checkout possible.

Smartworld with more than 15 years of experience in Identification market and ID CARD Printers have catered many such requirements for multi-national companies and government entities. Do you have question to ask? , are you looking for visitor management software for you? Do you need professional assistance with your thoughts and requirement? Contact +9714 2612287 or +9714 2206464 or email:

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