Furthermore there is several methods of securing your credential issuance. The Magicard Rio Pro 360 Secure ID card printer offers a unique feature of lockable card input hopper to secure expensive blank cards loaded in it and used to print in this printing machine. A secondary lock has been built to prevent the ID card printers being opened by unauthorized personnel, with the same it will also secure the output stacker.


In some entities like bank, high profile company and government sector they use a card where it has a pre- personalized features during it was manufactured from factory. The Rio Pro 360 secure locking features designed to protect this card for any unauthorized usage and attempts of thief.


With this model it will enhance more the security features in your ID card compare to any other standard direct to card printers. The Rio Pro 360 Secure is ready to accommodate maximum of 10 visual security – Holokote customization. It has 10 slots ready to received custom Holokote digital key.

Aside from visual security the Rio Pro 360 Secure card printer can be fitted with a range of card encoding device to perform the electronic data writing in the smart card at the time of printing process. Smart card encoding method include contact chip encoding, Mifare®, Desfire® & iClass®. High specialize security encoders like EMV certified devices can also be equipped for payment card personalization purposes. The Rio Pro 360 card printer can be also manufactured with magnetic encoder to support positive and negative storing of data in magnetic stripe fields which classified as Track 1, Track 2 and Track 3.

The Rio Pro 360 Secure printer is using International Colour Consortium ( ICC ) profile, ensuring that the what you see in the image preview from your computer screen is the same what you will get in the print out.


Care your business asset, organization & agency being secured with Rio Pro 360 Secure. The printer can be in single sided with and can be electronically upgrade in field anytime. The printer uses economical cost of print methodology, dye sublimation direct – to – card printing maintaining high resolution imagery 300 dpi. It will also support rewritable printing technology – no use of dye film, meant for a specific purpose of badge issuance.

The Rio Pro Secure can is accommodate heavy load of card printing requirements. The robust printer engine & chipsets designed for heavy duty bulk printing requirement, can produce 200 ID cards per hour full colour printing and 750 cards per hour monochrome printing. The operation is efficient and convenient with its four liner graphical LCD display – navigational menu feature, Standard interface of USB and Ethernet.

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