How do you secure your hotels and guest with Hotel Key Cards?

In securing hotel premises, the first thing that will come up in our mind is the hotel should be set up with security cameras or closed-circuit television (CCTV) and or video surveillance system. This security system allows detecting and determining any criminal activities and attempts. Video footage can help law enforcement to investigate crime and can be of evidence for prosecution in a law court.

The other way protecting your hotels & guest is by collecting guest information and providing guest badges and access to the rooms. In this way it is easy to identify and locate your guest inside and out of the hotel environment.

Guest ID badges information should be composed of hotel profile, badge no which will determine the badge has been issued to a particular person or guest. Adding it with person information will give quick access for instant validation over your security personnel. An access badge will allow and restrict your visitors and guest to a particular area this also helps secure the premises as the access badge holders will be allowed only in the allowed areas.

ID card printers is the most often solution in producing in house hotel guest or visitors access badge and or hotel key cards. This method of securing your guest and hotels is classic but effective. Hotel key card is in the form of standard credit card size 85 x 54 mm contain information and programed in which electronic door lock to open, the main purpose of hotel key card is it can grant you an access in to a room or in a particular areas of hotel complex.

Hotel key cards are coded depend on the period of your stay in hotel. It will normally expired upon exiting or checking out of the hotel. Hotel key must be surrender as it may able to access particular secure areas like gym, pool, business center etc. Hotel key is in format of NFC technology which allows communicating to the hotel key card system in contactless method. In the other terms it is called Smart Card because of its advance capabilities than swiping method.

The hotel key cards equipped with security token that allows access through the electronic doors. The system required a card reader installed in it, you well get access by taping or inserting the key card on it. If it happen you stay in a hotel and you lose the key card, since the system use a mechanical lock. Because you lost the key it will also means that might the whole lock system has to changed which where the cost is very high, in this case the holder of the key card could be charged. Hotel keys can be reusable as most of it can be re-program, replacing is much better option and they are lot safer for the guest.


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